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Unable to access internet after installation of premium version

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I have a premium lifetime subscription and last night I received the updated version to download.  I did so and when I asked it to update and scan it would not update.  Stopped the update and ran a scan.  37 pups found and quarantined.


Tried to again update and discovered I could not access internet.


Since this was the only change to my computer, I uninstalled and was able to access internet.


Did a reinstall.  Same problem.  Uninstalled and then ran the mbam clean program recommended in the forums.


Two subsequent removal and reinstalls later, I found that if I turned off the button for malicious website protection in settings, I was able to access internet.  This leaves me with a message stating that my computer is not safe. 


Ran another scan (the updates worked this time) and 114 pups were found.  Which leads me to believe they came in on the installs (37x3 = 111).


Ran a scan again this morning, program updated correctly, and nothing further was found, although the malicious website protection is still turned off and I still have the message that my computer is unsafe.


I also used the anti rootkit program and it found nothing.


I have Windows 8, use Firefox (which is current), McAfee.  Windows firewalls are turned off so as not to conflict with McAfee.  I enabled the plugin for Firefox for McAfee for "safe website" monitoring.


Help please? 


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