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Taras Yasinsky from GreenGeeks.com here.


It has just been brought to our attention that your organization marked / server10.websitehostserver.net as malicious and it is being blocked for all visitors who use your software for protecting their PCs.

As this is a shared server hosting hundreds of websites we'd like to get this blocking removed ASAP.

Please review it again and in case you still see malware update us with as many details as possible so that we can effectively take care of it, otherwise please unblock.


Also, please advise if it is possible for us to receive email alerts from your organization in the event you see more malware on any of our servers.

FYI, all of our servers have *.websitehostserver.net hostnames and the email address we can use for communication is admin@websitehostserver.net (BTW my attempt to register with this mailbox failed while with gmail there were no problems - please advise about that as well).



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Thank you for the information, but I'm afraid it is not helpful at all as it is not possible for us to review each of the hundreds websites hosted on this server, and there does not appear to be a way to define that otherwise.


Please consider making your services helpful not only for the PC users protected by your system but for webservice providers who are willing to get rid of any abusive content under their control and comply with the highest industry standards and applicable laws, just like GreenGeeks do, and kindly provide the specific domain(s)/URL(s) that create a problem so that we can deal with them accordingly, then report to you once they are taken down for you to verify and delist our IP address. This is the way how the blacklists and providers normally interact worldwide, and we believe that that is the only correct approach.


Cooperation will be much appreciated.




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  • Staff

When domains are listed, abuse reports are sent to the hosting company and AS. You would have received them for domains needing cleanup or taking down.  A recheck of the IP and domains listed will be conducted followed by submission of abuse reports to your abuse address. This could take a bit of time, so please be patient.

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