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For Internet Explorer 11 users, no update now means no security fixes


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For Internet Explorer 11 users, no update now means no security fixes


Windows Update no longer offers patches for the original IE11 release.


by Peter Bright - June 16 2014, 3:40pm PST


When Microsoft released the Windows 8.1 Update, IT feathers were ruffled by Microsoft's decision to make it a compulsory update: without it, Windows 8.1 systems would no longer receive security fixes. As spotted by Computerworld's Gregg Keizer, Microsoft is applying the same rules, at least in part, to Windows 7.


Windows 7 users who've installed Internet Explorer 11 are required to install the KB2929437 update. This is the Internet Explorer 11 update that corresponds to the Windows 8.1 Update; it doesn't just include security fixes for Microsoft's browser. There are also some new and improved features, including a more capable WebGL implementation and some additional high performance JavaScript features. If users don't install the update, Windows Update will not provide any more security fixes for their browser.


For the next couple of months, Microsoft is actually still making security fixes for the original Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 release, but anyone who wants to use them will have to..(more...)


Read the complete article at: http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/06/internet-explorer-11s-new-update-ethos-for-security-fixes-youll-need-new-features/



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Actually, no it's not.  M$ is just now jumping on the bandwagon that Chrome, Firefox, Opera and others have been doing for years now.


from the article:



For any other Windows browser, this wouldn't be unusual. Want the latest security fixes for Chrome? You'll need the latest features of Chrome too. The same is true for most Firefox users as well; security updates and feature updates are wrapped up together, and you'll need the latter to get the former (the exception being the rarely used Extended Support Releases, that give security fixes without the features).


But for Internet Explorer, this is a novelty. Microsoft's general approach was to avoid adding new features to existing versions. The company has, from time to time, added features to Internet Explorer without bumping the version number, but these versions were indicated in other ways. For example, Internet Explorer 6 was given a bunch of new security features back when Windows XP Service Pack 2 was released. When this happened, the browser was named Internet Explorer 6 SV1. Moreover, the original version of the browser (without these improvements) remained supported for several years
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Glad i do the updates every month & had to do a factory reset & install every microsoft update from scratch & took 6+ hours for 160+ updates to be downloaded/installed on a 10 Mbps download by 1 Mbps upload at my friends house but woulda been faster if i had my 60Mbps download & 5 Mbps upload..

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I haven't looked hard because all my machines get updates as they come out, but... does anybody know how to quickly spot, say, a W8.1 install that doesn't have *Update 1*?

Is there a warning to update or else ? I'm asking because I look after a bunch of machines for friends/family, most are W7 but more and more are W8.1. I'd hate to have to check for a specific update just to be sure the system isn't a sitting duck...

This applies to IE11 on W7, too.

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at least with the continuous stream of "version releases/updates" of/for FF , there is/was not much trepidation involved .

with IE it is more a case of "egad , oh what fresh hell have we now ?" .

of course , this is excluding that wonderful POS-1 change-over to austrailius .

(i wonder what was slipped into the kool-aid)

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