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Can someone please provide me an answer regarding "add web exclusion"

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Yesterday I right clicked on the malewarebytes icon in the system tray, I noticed a "kickass torrent" in the "add web exclusion".  due to not having knowledge regarding malewarebytes, in how the program fully runs, I did nothing regarding the add web exclusion.  When I started the computer today, the torrent was no longer in the "add web exclusion".


What transpires when I don't take action regarding an "add web exclusion"?  Are they being treated as a threat and permanently deleted from the computer? or what happened to the "torrent"


In addition what should I do when I see another torrent asking to be added?  what steps should I take to insure my computer is safe from torrents wanting to be added?


Also what should I do with ip addresses that want to be added?  What steps should I take when I see an ip address wanting to be added web exclusion?


Thank You in advance for any insight to these questions.




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Hello and :welcome:

In a simple answer, its Malwarebytes doing its job. It encounter a block while you were either surfing "kickass torrent" or using a torrent program.

Since you took no action, it simply blocked the connection. If you are not 100% sure if the block that was encountered is safe, then do not allow the connection/block to be allowed.

Education is key here.....

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Users Guide

Version 2.0

You can read the manual below to understand all functions of the new version....



Download PDF


NOTE: There is an FAQ section with valuable information located here:

Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions

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Thank you thank you thank you... I was trying to find material to read so I can understand fully.  One other thing when I was looking at pages here... I have avg anti virus running and I have malewarebytes running... what would you suggest in downloading another "free" protection program or something in regards to other tools to keep my pc safe and running smooth?  Your input would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you again.

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Yes this is what I thought also as I have tried a number of programs.  Everything seems to be running smoothly with avg, malewarebytes and ccleaner.  Why add more if already working well I think.  Thanks for the help regarding your input above.

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I'm sorry but you're information is completely misguided. All sites added are reviewed before being added. As for downloading from Apple they often have issues that in my opinion are probably more so due to the Akamai CDN they use.

Please post your MBAM Protection Log here. It will show if we blocked the site or not.

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I get the pop up 'A malicious website has been blocked'. when I start my computer. The trouble is, it slldes away before can see where the request is coming from. Is there any way of retrieving the information. If I right click the icon in the tray, there is just the line, 'Add ....... to Web Exclusions'. I have not clicked it in case a load of Malware floods in.

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