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Internet inaccessible after using MWB

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Okay so I got the newest trial version of MWB and it scanned my computer and removed a lot of junk.  I restart my computer and now it is faster but has no way to access the net.  All browers do not work, there is no connection at startup (or after).  I reset my router and all that, internet is available on all computers in the house except the one I just installed MWB on.  I read that sometimes the MWB website blocking feature sometimes restricts access, so I turned it off and still cannot access the internet.  I played with all the settings to no avail and tried to get it to whitelist my default connection, but was unable to.  So I completely uninstalled MWB and am still unable to access the internet. I tried winsock fix, reset all the ports and nothing, did all the standard network troubleshooting and nothing.  I tried combofix and it does not appear to do anything.  I reinstalled some networking drivers but that didnt do anything either.  I reset everything again, tried to system restore but the points are only post my MWB install with all the other installs since in an attempt to gain access to the net.  I spent about 5 hours reading and troubleshooting and this is only getting more frustrating.


Now personally I would rather have a slow computer that connects to the internet than a fast one that is just a brick.


I am at a complete loss of what to do.  I really regret installing this.  Does anyone know how I can gain access to the internet?

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Hi,viscount8, and :welcome:


Since you were already infected, it seems to me that you might, in fact, be facing remnants of said infection, and that may be contributing to the lack of Internet access (some malware get very angry when they cannot phone home).


I suggest that you read this post http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=119858 and then decide how you want ot proceed nd follow the appropriate link.


Good luck!

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