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[SOLVED] Activating Premium does not "lock" premium shields


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Been using beta version for some months, and tested it aok, but tested paid version more closely with process explorer and viewing mbae log, and opened a pdf file, nothing unusual about it, and checked to see if Adobe Reader was protected (checking because I noticed mbae was not protecting apps running in sbie -- another thread) and running Adobe Reader 11.0.07 in the clear on XP (my wife's pc), not in sbie, and mbae is not protecting (injecting) AR as noted both with process explorer and AR does not register in mbae log? When I open mbae shields, I see Adobe Reader prelisted, but it is listed with the "lock" open (unlocked) but for now I assume that is because AR is not running.  With the premium version, do I have to manually add every app, even ones that you prelist in mbae.  Never thought that was the case?? Also running AppGuard (with with mbae as a power app), NVT_ERP but mbae allowed and no ERP alerts for mbae, likewise NVT Driver Pro, no alerts for mbae, nothing appears to be blocking mbae or AR.  I have no idea if previous beta mbae was not protecting AR, I guess I assumed that it was.


I did manually add comodo_dragon browser and mbae is protecting it aok (when dragon is not in sbie). Hope you get mbae working with sbie.  thanks.


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OK I see what you mean now. We've seen this once during QA testing but weren't able to replicate it again after fixing it. Seems like there's still a condition when it happens according to your screenshot.


Basically when activating Premium for some reason the unlocked apps don't lock themselves.


Just select each one of the unlocked apps and click "Activate". We'll take a closer look at the bug to see what might be causing it.


If you can attach a DDS log here it would be very useful. Also if you remember the steps you took in activating the Premium version please post here the details.

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Thanks, an easy "fix" but it may not be a 100% fix.  I clicked all the unlocked apps and they all locked, perfect.  Then found a pdf file and clicked on it and AR opened the pdf, and first I checked the mbae log and there is NO entry in the log advising that AR is now protected.  Wondering if that's because I did not open AR directly and then open the pdf file in AR? I opened pdf file using V_file_viewer with a click which is my "explorer_app." But I checked with process explorer and it is showing mbae protection for AcroRD32.exe so then only glitch is mbae log.


Install, I first uninstalled the beta version with revo_pro, then used revo_pro for new install and I had put appguard on install, nvt_erp on disable until reboot, same nvt_driver. I have privatefirewall running which has a strong HIPS, and it did temp block one of your tmp files, but I allowed it right away, then as the install finished it did a forced reboot.  New reboot, all the security apps start with the normal settings, and nvt_driver blocked mbae.sys  but I fixed that and restarted mbae.  And shortly after that I noticed that AR was unlocked and not protected.  So now all prelisted apps are showing locked in shield tab, pe says that AR is protected, but AR is not showing as having started and protected in the log.  Might take me a day to run and post a DDS log.  /armand

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