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Question about licensing

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Hello all, I have a question regarding the free/premium/business licences.


When the EULA says that the software cannot be used for commercial purposes, does that mean that you can't use it in a tech support sense for profit, but can use it to maintain the computers in a small business? (very small in this case- only 3 employees) Or does it restrict all use of the software without the appropriate license? (and in that case, what would the appropriate license be?)


Does it apply if your business is run from home?



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Good questions.  I cannot answer all of them as I am a volunteer home user, but I can say this:


MBAM comes in a few different licenses.  There is the Consumer Version, the Business Versions, and then there is TechBench.


If you look at the the links on the Business Version link above, one is for direct purchase (1-49 seats) while the other is to contact the sales department (for 50+ seats). Since this specifically states the 1-49 seats, my guess is that, no, you cannot use MBAM consumer product in a business environment at all.


If you are a business that uses MBAM to clean client computers, then in order to actually do so, you're supposed to use TechBench.  However, I know plenty of techs that just install the free version on their clients' computers and then allow the client to purchase licenses if they so wish.



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