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[SOLVED] Firefox crash

John A

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Installed OK over top of production version.

Started Firefox, changed a setting, closed Firefox, Attached failure occurred.

Windows XP (with POSReady registry hack), Malwarebytes Pro, no antivirus

Easy to replicate - Open Firefox, Close Firefox.


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I'm not getting any errors with Firefox at all with this Beta version installed.


More specifically, I have tested:



None of these are giving me an issue with this build.  But, as noted in another post, my build number is actually, not

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Not just XP, I encountered the same message on Firefox beta 31.0b1, windows 7 64.

Sorry I forgot that you posted that.

So it isn't only XP which is good to know.

It is not a Firefox issue either - as I mentioned, it also happens with Chrome browser on my XP - can you try Chrome on your box?

Internet Explorer operates without issue.

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OK, I had protection running, and launched Opera, Opera Next, Opera Developer, Google Chrome, Google Chrome Canary, and Had Firefox Nightly 33.0a1 x64 running.  Canary refused to run, but everything else ran fine.  Apparently there was an IE running as well in my task manager - which I've been trying to figure out why it is running at all, but it only appears after I have run IE and then closed it, so I'm going ot delve into that issue separately.


I then stopped protection in MBAE - everything, including IE, crashed, but Firefox did not.


Now testing all those same programs again with MBAE closed.


I'll post back versions and links as well to all of them in the next post.

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Just to make sure it is MBAE experimental version, I reinstalled the release version of MBAE and confirmed that these issues then did not occur.

Reinstalled experimental version, issues reappeared.

When I stop AntiExploit, everything works fine - I don't see the issues you are experiencing.

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I stopped MBAE while all of those browsers were open and they all crashed except for Firefox Nightly.


IE might be crashing because of something else, though, as I just replaced my DLM and it has been finicky ever since.


I'm going to reboot now and see if I can trace the IE issue(s).

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