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Activex runtime error 429

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I had 1.75 on my clients machines, 20 to be exact, so I started updating to 2.0.2

I uninstalled 1.75 and it said that I would have to manually uninstall some components. When I went to do that, I couldnt uninstall ssubtmr6.dll from the original folder.


I then and deleted the registgry Malewarebyte item.


I rebooted and now my programs that load (amano mcgann software) all come up with an Activex runtime error 429.


I installed 2.0.2 and malewarebytes runs, but there is nothing in the registry for malewarebytes and my apps are failing.


This is catastrophic right now and I need some insight!


I did try to get the old registry from another machine that hasnt been updated and put it into the registry,but that didnt work either.


Please help!


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If your clients are commercial users, they should NOT be using 2.0.2.  That is a consumer release, and commercial usage violates the terms of the license agreement.  There is a 1.75 release for business usage, and this is currently the most up-to-date release for business use.


Having said that, you cannot uninstall Malwarebytes completely and successfully without using this:




Malwarebytes 2.x does not have the same registry settings as the 1.75 version, so you probably need to establish a stable reference point before you can determine what the actual problem is that you are facing.

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Well I guess then the tech support team should have not told me to update to 2.0.2.


1.75 conflicts with any other anti virus software in Logmein and that is why they told me to update, but of course when it screws everything else up, they cant help.


Thanks for your suggestion, I appreciate it.


I have to roll back 10 computers and then install 1.75 AGAIN and just sit until Logmein gets their act together.


No offense towards you, I am just frustrated.

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