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Pup optional ask a inside of google chrome preferences

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Every time scan is completed it finds Potential Thread inside Chromes preferences
C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Preferences.


This can't be solved by removing this file because Chrome recreate it each time it starts. To be honest I don't know what kind of threat can it mean to me and what can I do about.
Could you please explain to me what could it be causing? I've checked for any unwanted chrome extensions but except from Adblock, Chromebleed, Speed Dial, Magic Actions for Youtube, Google documents / dictionaries I don't have anything installed. All of these extensions are from legit sources and people normally use them.
Thank you for your replies.
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Hello Marty112 and :welcome:

I recommend following the advice from the topic: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers and have one of the Malware Removal Experts assist you with your issue.

If, as recommended, you do open a topic in Malware Removal Help, please make reference to this thread.

Thank you. :)

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do You have Chrome synchronized with Your Google account?


If so, untick the check box "settings" from sync an after a browser reset, You'll be fine.

Or let Malwarebytes remove the thread, for a last time.


I had the same issue, with pup's in the preferences file.  After above  action, the issue has gone.

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I have Chrome synchronizing my account and do not have this problem at all.

Synchronizing is not the root cause.

If the preferences file is modified by malware, or pup's, it will be modified from the cloud, over and over again.


It took me some time to find out, why the preferences file got modified again and again, although there was no more malware, or pup on my machine.

In my case, sweetpage was removed several day before. Just the entry in preferences file was left, and came back again...


I don't now how to load up a clean preferences file to Google.


Does anybody now, how to the set my local Machine #1 as master for Google?

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Ok so what I did was that I unchecked sync and reseted chrome to it's default, deleted preferences file, restarted chrome and scan finished clean. Then I started to allow extensions and everything is fine. So you were right about that preferences file beeing modified through cloud but how am I suppose to find source of this?

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I have no clue how to solve this issue.


Myself, i have disabled synchronizing of settings on four machines.


I will wait a month or so, and then enable sync for settings again, hoping the cloud will update to my local machines settings file.


If not, i quite sync of settings, cause this is the least important thing I need.

Important are bookmarks and extensions.

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Just went through this myself.  Summarizing what worked:

  1. Use the Chrome Sync dashboard to disconnect Chrome and clear the settings on the server:
    And click the "Stop and Clear" button.
  2. Close Chrome.
  3. Run a Malwarebytes scan.  Under Premium, a HyperScan (the fastest) is good enough.  When the scan ends. let it quarantine PUP.OPTIONAL.ASK.A.
  4. Start Chrome, and sign in to Chrome Sync again.
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