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New MBAM crashes when checking for updates

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I have some security cameras around my house that are attached to an old windows XP box that is used for nothing else. It is up 24/7/365, making it a target for scum/hackers. I installed the Pro version of MBAM last summer and haven't had any problems until this June when I got around to updating to the


new Pro version of MBAM,


It installed fine, and when it started up it immediately started checking for updates and after a few seconds, a popup showed that


"Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has encountered a problem and needs to close etc". When I "click here" to see the error report it mentions


appname mbam.exe, version,

modname msvcr100.dll, mod version 10.0.40219.325.


Everytime I reboot my computer, mbam fails in a short while. Today I have uninstalled mbam, stopped all running security software, stopped all running programs except Chrome, stopped many of the processes needed for the camera software, and downloaded mbam again. Upon installation and running, I get the same results mentioned above. I have repeated this numerous times to no avail.


The camera hardware and software run fine on the XP box and I am pretty sure they can not be moved to my win7 box. I do not know for certain whether or not the box has been hacked. I was able to run a scan with the new mbam using the v2014.03.04.09 database and it showed no problems. I have run scans with the now out-of-date Microsoft Security Essentials and it showed no problems.


Any ideas how I can get mbam back on my machine?


Thank you!


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Hello and :welcome:

Let's try this first....

Thank You,


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