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Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services

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I have around 125 users connecting to five Windows Server 2008 R2 RDS servers for their client apps. I know officially Malwarebytes Enterprise/Business isn't supported on Windows Servers but, being as the majority of my clients are doing their browsing from the server platform, that is where all the bad stuff is happening and thus where I need the protection.


I have been speaking to someone from sales but she is insistant that Malwarebytes will not run on the Windows Server 2008 R2 platform. Simply protecting the endpoints (a mix of Windows 7 and XP) will not do me any good as all they do is facilitate the connection to the RDS servers. Can anyone shed any light on this, does anyone have a scenario like this that is being protected, if so with what products supported or unsupported?


Are there no plans to produce a Windows Server capable version?





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I had to do a Google search to confirm my suspicions here, but Remote Desktop Services is a new name for Terminal Server.  What you heard from Sales is correct about servers, but your specific answer is even more different.  Malwarebytes does not support Terminal Server/Remote Desktop Services either because of the way in which the Windows services are implemented.  It results in memory usage for each client that cannot be released, causing your server as a whole to run out of memory, resulting in a need to reboot as the only method to regain functionality.  Then that process starts all over again.


Malwarebytes has not yet created a Anti-Malware version that runs on server-class machines.  I am not in the loop to know if there is a product on the drawing board.  The type of services you are providing (and looking for protection on) would still be a different issue to be tackled.

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