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I have spent a few weeks using MBAM v2.0.2.2012 and discovered something interesting. If you are using the premium version and running as a Standard user, then the program does not have Admin rights by default and can't scan certain files/folders; ie Admin user in Users folder. Sometimes, there are things MBAM will detect only with Admin rights.

The only way I have found to fix this is to exit the program (rt-click on icon in systray), then run the program again as Admin. It seems you have to do this everytime you log in or restart your PC. I understand that the devs probably did this on purpose to protect users, but what good is a scanner if it cannot thoroughly scan a system under standard user. I suggest that the devs consider changing this behavior.

I have tried setting up a scheduled scan in the Admin account but it still does not have proper rights under a standard user. The problem only exists in the Premium version. The Free version does not have anything running at startup, so you don't have to exit anything; you just run the program as Admin (right-click).

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Using the Premium version and installed as an Admin then you should be able to setup both updates and scans in that account and it should update and scan just fine. The Limited User account will not be able to run full system scans or update but it should have the latest updates from the Admin account doing it and it can scan it's own current user files

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