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Huge CPU usage after updating from earlier addition of Malwarebytes Pro

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When you updated your search engine, malwarebytes became a huge hog regarding CPU usuage. I'm really pissed. The previous version of malwarebytes 1.6x was fast in scanning, updating and usage. You guys have to come clean and admit that this latest update with all the various changes to the algorithms and additional modules created in, has significantly impacted resources. I am running the Pro version. Similar to the demise of Spybot going from 1.67 to 2.1, it too became a memory hog with a change in their interface and computer users abandoned it in droves. I hope Malwarebytes does not fall in the same category.


No, I do not have malware, spyware, trojans or viruses on any of my computers. It runs this way whether it is on a desktop or on any of my laptops using windows 7 ultimate. Normally running between 35 to 45 present of CPU usuage on 2 and 4 GB  computers running Firefox 29 on 32bit and 64bit computers with EMET 4.1 installed.


It is has become useless to me to run it so I am asking you if Malwarebyts is aware of this issue and whether they are going to come out with an update. Just google malwarebytes and cpu usage and you will see the issue. To me and other IT experts,  Malwarebytes became the gold standard for malware detection software but for usability, It is not worth the impact on resources to keep using it.








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Well there is obviously something going on with your systems then as I have 0% of CPU in use when not actively scanning or updating the database as you can see from the screenshots below.

















I would highly recommend following the advice below which may correct the issue for you, or if not then post back the requested logs so that we can better assist you.


Thank You



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