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I can't speak for any websites which operate from that IP address, but torrent ports are not the same as web ports.  One COULD be good, and the other COULD be bad.  Malwarebytes does not discriminate as far as individual ports go.  An old adage is "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

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Be advised, the IP isn't blocked due to kickass.to nor any other "piracy" site, it's blocked due to malicious content on the IP. The kickass.to site itself is however, listed in the hpHosts database with the WRZ (warez) classification)

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This is Zono's thread. If you have an issue please start your own topic.
Please reference: Please read before reporting a false positive
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If you are not a member of Staff or Experts group please do not reply to other users posts in either the File or Web Blocking forums.

Thank you for understanding.

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