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Malwarebytes "Stopped Working" when trying to do an update

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Please follow my guidance, have lots of patience, and do not do any fixes on your own.  If something is not clear, or if a problem turns up, I would urge that you stop, reply here with all detail & questions.


You say here the MBAM stopped but looking at the logs I think it is more like "had an abend"  ( a abnormal termination of the program) which some people call "my program crashed".   I will assist you in getting this resolved.


I would prefer if possible, that you do a Windows shutdown then Restart  ( just to insure a fresh start).

I believe you have just the free-mode program so that likely the realtime protection may not be on.  So this next step may or may not apply.
Look at the system notfication area on the Taskbar, ( but only if the program is running) lets shutdown the realtime Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Go to the desktop Taskbar. See the blue-color MBAM icon in the notification area.
Do a Right-click on it with your mouse, and select EXIT.   That will insure the program is not running.

I have attached a zip file which you need to Save to your system.

Once saved, unzip it to extract all contents.   which will be 2 files.
Next, double-click on **net_replacement.bat** file.
It should run fairly quickly in a command-prompt window.

Once that is done, restart the Anti-Malware and let me know if it works normally.


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If you are still needing a database Update ....then do the following.


To get the latest database updates please do these steps.
NOTE: SAVE the tool-downloads here to your system first. Do not "run" them while in the browser program.
When presented with the option to Run or Save, you must select Save.

Download and Save a zip file from this link http://downloads.malwarebytes.org/file/mbam_rules
The name is mbam-rules-YYYY-MM-DD.zip

Unzip the file ( extracting all content) to your system.  Once done, turn off the realtime protections of the Anti-Malware program ( temporarily) by doing this:
Go to the desktop Taskbar. See the blue-color MBAM icon in the notification area.
Do a Right-click on it with your mouse, and select EXIT.
{ if you are only running the Free mode program, you will not see that, so in that case you can ignore that step.}.

Double click Mbam2-rules.exe
That will automatically place the database files into the Anti-Malware.

Once this is all done, you need to do a windows LOGOFF >> Shutdown >> Restart for a new session in windows.

Note: _Disregard and do not use the file named mbam-rules.exe._

Please tell me the result. If there is a problem, please provide all details about it and the exact text of the error message.

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