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[SOLVED] MS Office will not open using w/Win 7 SP1 64 bit IE 11


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As soon as I try to open an Office app it starts up then shuts right down. When I go in and disable the program my Office products respond accordingly.


I also notice that now I have to OK it (Office) to open via the UAC which I never had to do before installing Anti-Exploit. It (Office) still opens UAC after uninstalling the A-E.


I was instructed to try this BETA version to correct a problem known to repair the same problem with Win 8x. It did not repair the problem for my version of Win and I was then instructed to come here to see if this problem can or has been solved.


Thank You.

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Hi Sorry it has been long I just back in and tried what you suggested and ran into some  problems. I am not able to run Anti-Exploit is the biggest.problem. I use Run as administer it hangs up for a few seconds then I get an error box. I wanted you to be able to show it to you so would send a SS of it to you. When I went to send it the message would just lock up and hang until I log out of the forum.


The simple explanation of it would be "program not started - process will be terminated.


Thanks again:) 

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You don't actually need to "run" Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit, just install it. However the message you mention is indicative of some failed installation or uninstallation of previous version.


Try uninstalling MBAE from the Control Panel, rebooting, making sure everything is correctly uninstalled, and then downloading the latest version from the website and installing a fresh copy.

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Thanks pbust, that did the trick. I uninstalled it, did a reboot and reinstalled. I then tested Word and Excel both opened and stayed opened. I then went in and re-enabled EMET and retested Word and Excel both opened and stayed open. It must have all due to a bad install from the get go.


Thanks for sticking with me and getting this straightened out. I have been a Malwarebytes user for ever I run it on all three of my machines and just put it on my Son's machine. I told him it is well worth the investment!



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