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Question regarding "New" version MBAE


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Not by default, but in the next version of MBAE you'll be able to add your own custom shields for whatever applications you want, including PaleMoon browser.


This is excellent news...better than I expected!!!....Thanks for that......Any news on when this new version will be coming out?

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Hmm, this is going to be interesting.


While MBAE supports Firefox, it does not do so for the 64bit Nightly version (using it right now and having Chrome open, and MBAE Shows only 1 shielded application, and in the logs it shows as chrome).


I certainly hope it will be able to shield native 64-bit apps - that would be awesome.

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  • Staff

MBAE does shield 64bit applications. You can verify this under 64bit OS by opening IE and searching for both mbae.dll and mbae64.dll in Process Explorer (run procexp as admin).


What is the name of the executable of the 75bit Nightly version?

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firefox.exe :P


See screenshot:




BTW, it was just updated to 33.0a1 today.  I also have Nightly x86 version installed and Aurora (the second alpha channel, prior to Firefox beta channel) installed, as well as the Beta channel itself.


I'm going to log into each version and see which are and which are not protected, and if there is multiple notifications when multiple versions of the same program are runningn simultaneously.

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