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Is someone using remote access to get onto my computer?

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I was told to ask on the malware removal help forum to get a better opinion on this all.  The first thing I was curious about is RasMan, Remote Access Connection Manager. Some people have told me this should not be running/I should disable it. Some say that it's supposed to be working that way and should be running.  Also my csrss.exe seems to be using a lot more memory then most people say it should. Nothing else has really been out of the norm aside from my hard rive space fluctuating a bit more than I feel it should. I had some weird issues with my permission's about a month or so ago which made me worry about remote access, I had it all looked at but I felt it couldn't hurt to have everything looked at. 






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A mod can close this thread, I now realise how unfounded and broad my worries are. Other people seem to have much more pressing issues! I will monitor to it and if anything more notable happens I will open a thread then.




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