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Just bought 2.0.2 Premium

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a) I notice scan for rootkts is disabled by default. Is this just for scanning speed reasons?b) Is there a performance hit if I "enable self-protection module?"c) How do I exclude folders and files from the realtime scanning?d) I removed ZoneAlarm entirely and installed Malware bytes Premium. With ZoneAlarm I didn't get any messages in the Windows Action Centre "Windows Defender is turned off" for spyware and antivirus. However with Malwarebytes 2.0.2 Premium I do? Please let me know what the deal is here...e) Is version 2.0.2 of Malwarebytes Premium supposed to compliment an existing virus scanners? Or is it a replacement (as it now has real time scanning). Normally I would not run more than one scanner as they are likely to conflict. In a nutshell is Malwarebyte 2.0 a VIRUS scanner?



I have some newbie questions I wonder if you could help...

(I can't seem to paste here so I shall written it in a code box above where I can paste)....



Many thanks...




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Hello and :welcome: :
a) Yes - for some reason, some users are obsessed about scan times; ARK will increase scan times a bit.  The other reason is that ARK is not supported on encrypted drives, unless the encryption is with TrueCrypt.  So, to avoid possible problems with that, ARK is disabled by default.  If you want to enable it, there are 2 places: in the Detection and Protection window of the main dashboard, AND in the Advanced Settings for your scheduled Threat Scan.
b) The Self-Protection module is designed to protect MBAM files from modification by malware.  If you enable it, you just need to remember ti disable it before performing certain tasks, such moving/renaming/deleting the desktop shortcut icon, uninstalling/reinstalling MBAM, or other installing other Malwarebytes software products.
c) Main Dashboard > Settings > Malware Exclusions; for P2P and certain other processes (such as Skype), it would be Main Dashboard > Settings > Web Exclusions.  NOTE: One need not routinely exclude many processes -- doing so could compromise your security.
d) You will still need an antivirus and (in most cases) a software firewall.  I think it might still be the case that MBAM does not "report" to the Windows Action Center -- this has been a "Request for Feature" for a long time. 
e) No, as above, MBAM never has been and is not an antivirus. It is designed to provide realtime protection alongside a robust AV, to catch zero-hour and zero-day threats missed by the AV. If you need help setting mutual exclusions between MBAM and your AV/firewall, just post back and we'll help.


>>Editing -- because of prior abuse, members need to achieve a certain minimum post count to be able to edit their posts.

ALSO, for additional information:
There is an FAQ Section here: Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions
And here are links to the MBAM 2.0 User Guide: Online and PDF
And there are many useful KB topics and videos at the helpdesk support page


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Thanks very much Dale!


Bummer I hope Malwarebytes do a virus scanner soon to work alongside it.


One other thing.


I downloaded test files from testmysecurity.com as recommended by MalwareBytes.

This works fine with a manual scan and when executing. However copying files from one source to another does not pick this up. Is there a setting for this?





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Re: AV -- there are many excellent options, both Free and Paid.  A few of them (and other resources) are listed here: List of well-known antivirus products

If you need help with mutual exclusions, just post back and someone will help.


I'm not sure what you are asking about the other item. :(

We may need to wait for staff on that.

Until then, you may wish to take a look at this topic: How can I verify that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is working?

And you might try the User Guide.



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Thanks Dale...

Yup I'm reinstalling ZoneAlarm now (was hoping to get rid of it, woe is me  :)


In regards to the other question, let me expand... Basically I followed the link you supplied....


I downloaded the test Virus files from testmysecurity.com and I executed them, Malwarebytes detected these test files upon execution.

I also did a scan of the entire drive, Malwarebytes detected these files as well.

So far so good.


I then copied one of these test files from my C drive to a D drive. No detection was made. Was wondering if this was normal and whether there is a setting for this.




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Ah, OK.

Well, I'm not sure.

I do know that MBAM is designed to run and perform best when installed on and scanning the OS boot drive (usually C:).

Flat file scanning of NAS and other, non-boot drives is a task better suited to your antivirus.

So, that might explain the behavior you are seeing.


We will need to wait for staff to verify or correct that. ;)



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Hi, @XpertAdvisor:
Thanks for all of those helpful links you provided.
(BTW A few of your links point to the wrong page, or to an outdated version of the FAQ relevant to an older version of the program. :()
So, just to clarify for others who might find this forum thread:

Does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware replace antivirus software? : this link is for the forums home page. The link to the article you mention is Does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware replace antivirus software?
Folder and files exclusions : this link is a forum post specifically for AV exclusions for MBAM files, not the general process of setting folders and files exclusions in MBAM. General instructions are in the User Guide

Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions : this link is the FAQ for version 1.x, not for for the current version, 2.x. The version 2.x FAQ and other links are here: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2 - Frequently Asked Questions

Specific resources for version 2.x can all be found among the resources already mentioned. :)
I think that the OP mentioned that nearly all of his questions had been answered? :)
Alas, those articles do not specifically address the remaining question regarding detection of a test file that has been manually copied to a non-OS-boot drive. 
The answer to that, as already discussed, will need to await input from staff.
Thank you very much,

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  • Root Admin

Depending on what the file is and where it is located can be part of what triggers the  infection detection. As an example file X is always located in C:\FolderXYZ and has never been found to be located elsewhere in any live in the wild infections. Well we don't do very much "flat file" scanning so if it's not where it's known to really be because you've moved it and it's not in the root of a folder then yes its very possible it will not be detected as its not known to be a threat outside of that folder. If you want to do "flat file" scanning then your antivirus is much better suited for that type of scanning as it will typically have a database of files for possibly the past decade. We keep a very small dedicated database and infection detections are even removed from the database when there are no signs of the infection being in the wild anymore as your antivirus should by then be able to detect it and remove it if you were to come across it.


Is there anything else we can assist you with ?


Thank you

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  • Root Admin

Actually that is interesting in that almost any .exe file found in the root of C: is at least flagged as a potential threat as there should never be any executable files in the root of C: or any Parent Folders either.


What is it you're trying to do though? The program works and as said is designed to detect very specific threats not something that's jury rigged in an attempt to trigger it.


Please zip the file and send it to me in a PM and I'll take a look at it.

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Hello MalAlexS,



I'm answering because MalAlexS asked me my opinion.


Please, remember that the files you're testing are specific created to be detects by Malwarebytes when this are opened by user. In your case and only with this files, Antivirus and Antimalware will detect it, in real time (when you open it). First,  will work the Antivirus and then if the Antivirus doesn't delete them,  Malwarebytes will work on them.

In normal ways and with other files, first are detected by your antivirus. Then if the Antivirus doesn't detects anything, Malwarebytes will work in that threat, if it's a real threat and if the antivirus didn't delete them.




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Thanks guys..


@AdvancedSetup it's not a real big deal, the files I am using to test are here:


I can totally understand that Malwarebytes might not trigger when copying these files across as I've previously explained, I was wondering if there was a test file that would trigger it. If not maybe this is a feature request?


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