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Too many instrusive popups


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I have Malwarebytes and it seems to tell me 'malicious website blocked' far too often.


On the previous version, it allowed you to disable 'malicious website' tooltips.


I don't want to disable tooltips outright, but only these website blocks/alerts.


Please fix.

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I understand that completely.


However, the previous version of Malwarebytes had the option to HIDE the tooltips, and I was happy with that option.


The option to hide 'malicious website blocked' tooltips would be ideal.

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Hi, OZJ:


Alas, popups and notifications in Version 2 are "all or none" (enabled or disabled).

Granular user control -- as was present in version 1.x -- has been requested many times.

The dev team have advised that it will be restored in a future release.


If you are using P2P software, version 2 permits you to safely add the PROCESS as a Web Exclusion, via the Dashboard > Settings > Web Exclusions:


Add Process

Clicking the Add Process button allows you to exclude a process which would otherwise be blocked from accessing an internet address. Please note that this option is only functional on Windows Vista Service Pack 2, Windows 7, and Windows 8.x. This is typically of value to users who need to access filesharing and/or peer-to-peer applications. On occasion, IP addresses used by these applications may be blacklisted, so that Malwarebytes Website Protection blocks access to the website as a whole. Excluding the IP address makes the user more vulnerable, as would exclusion of the domain (if the website uses a domain name). Excluding the process — providing that the process is not an internet browser — would allow the P2P application to function without increasing risk.



Having said that, it ought to be mentioned that those IP blocks are there for a reason. ;)


Hope this helps,

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