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Malwarebytes Wont Open - HELP!

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Hello and :welcome::


Let's start with this:

Thank You,

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How do I uninstall and reinstall? There are no links to the clean

Please take a moment to re-read the instructions here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x

There are hyperlinks to the cleanup tool and the download links for the program embedded in the relevant steps. :)


Also if I had things locked in quarantine, will they be released back onto my computer if I uninstall?

No, they will be removed from the system when you run the removal tool.


Having said that....

Do you think you are infected?

If so, then it could explain the fact that the program is not opening.

In that case, rather than bothering with a reinstall at this time, I suggest that you please follow the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.

A malware analyst will guide you through the cleanup process.


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You mentioned that you have items in quarantine.

That means that MBAM cleared infections (or at least adware/PUPs).

Some malware can block the program from working/opening/running.

As we don't work on malware-related issues here in this section of the forum, that is why I suggested that you head over to the malware removal section. :)

The experts there can provide free, one-on-one help checking your system for malware remnants and repairing damage.


EDIT: I see that you now have a new post in the malware removal section here

It seems, however, that you may have skipped the steps to run the scanners?

In any event, please try to be patient and wait for help in your other topic -- the forum is quite busy. Someone will assist you as soon as possible.


If you think that you are NOT infected, then I suggest that you please follow the suggestions in my original reply. :)



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I now see that you have bumped your other topic in the malware removal section. :(

Unfortunately, that might only delay getting help:



NOTE: Please do not post back to (bump) your topic within the first 48 hours.
Replying to your own post changes the post count and helpers are looking for topics with zero replies.
If you reply to your own post helpers may think that you're already being helped and thus overlook your post.



Please try to be patient, wait for an expert helper to pick up your thread, and follow the advice provided.

We are only trying to help you get help as efficiently as possible.

The malware removal forum is very busy and most of the helpers are volunteers.

Someone will assist you as soon as possible.


Thanks for your understanding,

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They're not "rules", they're just guidelines and suggestions to try to help us help you. :)

There are many people requesting assistance, and, as already mentioned, most of the malware helpers are volunteers.

Following the guidelines in the pinned topics helps to expedite the process.


If you would prefer help via email from the support team, rather than here at the forum, you may wish to open a ticket by completing this form: Contact Consumer Support

When you do, it would help if you could please provide a reference to both of your forum topics:


That way, precious resources can be allocated most efficiently to help you and all the other users.


Either way, though, the helpers will need you to provide the requested diagnostic logs in order to start the cleanup process.


Thanks for your patience and understanding,

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If you are having trouble with copy/paste (especially in IE 11), you may wish either to try another browser, or to ATTACH the log files to your posts.


Since you have already run tools on your own suggesting the presence of a ZeroAccess infection, it is suggested that you post the logs in your other topic in the malware removal section >>HERE<<.



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