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Apparently my Pro MB problem cannot be fixed. 


The time has come to find something else.


MB ran without a glitch for over a year on my Vista but NOT ANYMORE.

MB Pro runs fine on my win 7 os 64bit at the moment. (i feel a crash coming)


I'll miss MB but will not refer it to others like i have been.

I should ask for a refund but i will not....



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  • Root Admin

I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with the program. In most cases the following should be able to correct it for you.

  1. Please uninstall your current version of MBAM and reinstall the latest version. MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x
  2. If that does not correct the issue then please read the following and post back the requested logs. - Diagnostic Logs
  3. NOTE: There is an FAQ section with valuable information located here: - Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions

Thank You

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i've done that SEVERAL TIMES and again today and submitted a support ticket 455274 weeks ago.


ive sent log files et al;


Support ''supposedly expert support'' takes days/week to reply.


i don't think i have any malicious threats. I think its a conflict somewhere thats killing mbam update and scan abilities.


if the expert couldnt find it with the requested log files he should say so. i can except it.

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  • Root Admin

I asked you in your other topic to post in the malware removal forum but I do not find such a posting.


If you opened a ticket with Consumer Support it can take a few days as the volume of tickets and forum posts is currently very high.

No one is going to force you to use the product if you don't want to. All I can do is offer to assist you either by checking your system in the malware removal forum or if you're so inclined you can submit for a refund on the product via the Consumer Support ticket you say that you created.

Thank you again


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You wrote:


Hello RedRyder,


Please, try finding your issue in this post where you have all the possible problems: issues






Thanks for your kind offer of assistance.

However, that link you provided refers to the FAQ for an older version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, version 1.x.

Many of the specific suggestions in that pinned topic no longer apply to version 2.


As RedRyder has already been working with our forum Root Admin, AdvancedSetup, I respectfully suggest that it would be best if we defer to his expert advice and assistance.


Thank you very much,



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