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Windows XP computer very slow to start up

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Having decided to keep the old computer I would like to speed it up. When I switch it on it takes about 4 minutes to give me the screen with all my icons on and the Start button etc....


I have worked my way through the Slow PC? Start Here thread and completed it all, except one thing which I cancelled part way thru as I was not sure it was actually doing anything - this was the defrag.BAT thing which just seemed to continuoulsy scroll stuff down the screen. (How long should this take?)


Other than that I completed all the things in that thread and also used RubberDucky's Startup Lite.


I have also checked thru the Unnecessary Start Ups thread - I only have 4 things now that start up - these are - RTHDCPL - NcMcTray - avgui - NvCpl


I have uninstalled a good many program from the computer except the free version of AVG and the free version of MalwareBytes (I have the paid verson of Malware Bytes on another computer and will upgrade this one if I can get the computer running much faster but it's not worth me doing yet until I know I will keep it).


I have run complete virus and Malware checks using the above free programs and MB did find 12 things (PUPs I think they were?) so they're now gone.


This computer was used for gaming (not online) and used to be really fast. It's Windows XP.


I would appreciate any help in trying to make this much faster. The only thing it will be used for is games (not online) - and they used to run brilliantly on it with no problem but won't on a newer computer running Windows 8.1 (that's another story!)


thank you



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  • Root Admin

Very sorry for the delay as I lost track of your topic. The logs indicate that the computer has some type of infection.

Since we don't do malware detection and removal in this forum please create a new topic and follow the directions below basically running the same scans and posting new logs in the other forum. Then let me know once you've created the new topic and I'll continue to work with you.



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