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Anything relating to MBAM will not open! Possible malware.

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Hello Malware-bytes community,

Recently (and this started just yesterday) I have not been able to open ANYTHING relating to MBAM. I know for a fact that this is malware or a trojan, and a darn complicated one for that matter. I have tried just regular Malwarebytes, Chameleon, heck, I even tried a opening the clean install program and try to re-install MalwareBytes. None of those worked. Alright...well lets try my anti-virus program: Avira! Start scan...nothing. No scan, no nothing. The scan won't even initiate. Ok then...let me try finding it with Hitman Pro! After 12 minutes... still Initializing.


Alright, let me try and open Chrome *clicks Chrome icon on tool bar*. *Glows for about 10 seconds, then the glowing stops and Chrome never opens.* No way! Chrome is disabled (I am using Opera, obviously the creator of this malicious file didn't account for Opera)! Chameleon just says "Failed to copy the master.conf file". And there are different errors for each Cameleon that I open. The fact of the matter is: I can't open anything that scans the computer. As I said above, I know for a fact that this is some kind of malware or trojan. ANYTHING anti-virus/anti-malware won't open. Seems quite a coincidence, wouldn't you say? Anyways, is there anything I can do to get rid of this. I have tried all the known tactics to try and get MBAM back and working, but all fail. Thank you for your time in helping me with my situation! :)



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Hello jacobie4:

I recommend following the advice from the topic: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers and having one of the Malware Removal Experts assist you with looking into your issue.

If, as recommended, you do open a topic in Malware Removal Help, please make reference to this thread.

Thank you.

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..... I know for a fact that this is malware or a trojan, and a darn complicated one for that matter.






Yes indeed, your system has a very serious rogue or a rootkit and the rogue is blocking a bunch of tools, including ours too.

We do not work malware infections in this particular sub-forum.


You are highly urged to do as suggested by 1PW.

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