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Database update issue sammygen ( only )

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I was using the pro version,last night i noticed it had stopped working,the database was out of date and it would not connect to server,the help button did not work either,after reading a suggestion here i uninstalled it then reinstalled the free version that worked fine last night a full scan of my laptop came up clean,now i have the same message again and it will not can not connect to server.

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Hello sammygen and welcome to MalwareBytes forum.

I'll need more information to locate the source of the issue.

Please only ATTACH the log files I ask for.

Could you please tell me if you had the self-protection on in the program { on the Settings >> Advanced Settings screen} ?

Also, did you do a Windows restart today ? when was the last time that Windows was started fresh?

Do you have version installed ?

This tool will collect some information on the installation of Malwarebytes and create a report I need to review:

Download mbam-check.exe and save it to your desktop from http://downloads.malwarebytes.org/file/mbam_check

On Vista/Windows 7, 8, Right-click on mbam-check.exe & select Run as Administrator & allow to Run.

On XP,Double-click on mbam-check.exe to run it.

It should then open a log file CheckResults.txt

You should attach the CheckResults.txt file located on your desktop so that I can review.

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Hi and thankyou i think the info is here.ambam-check result log version:

User Account type:                 Administrator
OS:                                Windows 8  64 bit Operating System
Current Build Number:              9200
Current Version Number:            6.2
Current CSDVersion:                
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:         
Installed On:                      2014/06/06
Malware Database:                  0000.00.00.00
Rootkit Database:                  0000.00.00.00
Remediation Database:              0000.00.00.00
IP Database:                       0000.00.00.00
Domain Database:                   0000.00.00.00
License:                           Trial
Malware Protection:                4 (The service is running.)
Malicious Website Protection:      1 (The service is not running.)
Chameleon:                         0 <--CAN NOT OPEN SC_HANDLE, SERVICE IS NOT RUNNING FOR: MBAMChameleon
Log Created:                       2014/06/06 18:23:35
Compatibility Flag Settings:
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Shell Extension Block Check:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Blocked:
MBAM Startup Entries: 
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Service and Driver Status:
--------------Driver File Info:--------------
File Size:     25816 BYTES FileVersion: MD5: [f92b0e478c0faa6d6661e6e977247e60]
File Size:     64216 BYTES FileVersion: MD5: [0664f6335f108f38fe08c3ca747311ee]
File Size:    122584 BYTES FileVersion: MD5: [8a50d5304e6ae48664cf5838ec32f647]
File Size:     91352 BYTES FileVersion: MD5: [9d9ed48f841ea37aa5310d54b9e5d3c7]
Type:                   2
State:                  4 (The service is running.) (STOPPABLE, NOT_PAUSABLE, IGNORES_SHUTDOWN)
WIN32_EXIT_CODE:        0
CHECKPOINT:             0
WAIT_HINT:              0
Type:                   16
State:                  1 (The service is not running.) (State is stopped)
WIN32_EXIT_CODE:        1067
CHECKPOINT:             0
WAIT_HINT:              0
Type:                   16
State:                  4 (The service is running.)
WIN32_EXIT_CODE:        0
CHECKPOINT:             0
WAIT_HINT:              0
Type:                   N/A
State:                  0 <--CAN NOT OPEN SC_HANDLE, SERVICE IS NOT RUNNING FOR: MBAMChameleon
WIN32_EXIT_CODE:        N/A
CHECKPOINT:             N/A
WAIT_HINT:              N/A
Type:                   1
State:                  1 (The service is not running.) (State is stopped)
WIN32_EXIT_CODE:        1077
CHECKPOINT:             0
WAIT_HINT:              0
Required Dependencies:
Type:                   32
State:                  4 (The service is running.)
WIN32_EXIT_CODE:        0
CHECKPOINT:             0
WAIT_HINT:              0
DisplayName                   REG_SZ @%SystemRoot%\system32\bfe.dll,-1001
ErrorControl                  REG_DWORD 1
Group                         REG_SZ NetworkProvider
ImagePath                     REG_EXPAND_SZ %systemroot%\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork
Start                         REG_DWORD 2
Type                          REG_DWORD 32
Description                   REG_SZ @%SystemRoot%\system32\bfe.dll,-1002
DependOnService               REG_MULTI_SZ RpcSs
ObjectName                    REG_SZ NT AUTHORITY\LocalService
ServiceSidType                REG_DWORD 3
RequiredPrivileges            REG_MULTI_SZ SeAuditPrivilege
FailureActions                REG_BINARY Binary Data
ServiceDllUnloadOnStop        REG_DWORD 1
ServiceMain                   REG_SZ BfeServiceMain
ServiceDll                    REG_EXPAND_SZ %SystemRoot%\System32\bfe.dll
{dc95b53e-01cf-4058-821d-350b3d0d4676}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{c016105c-eb34-4519-a5fd-5f4e4ad4d18e}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{2db25e6c-f07a-44f4-b6c8-50a330d2790b}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{935b7f48-0ede-44dd-9bc2-e00bb635cda3}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{941dad9d-7b1a-4354-997b-00cf1aa9b35c}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{0ccc96a3-8c5c-45e2-b80e-7e37b16cc1ad}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{a47525e2-725b-4888-8af1-ba5a60c04f4d}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{074f7f68-ee10-428a-89d1-ba78f6c327ca}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{0c3be01b-fe70-4cc4-89dc-c07996b67e6d}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{2dd96961-5757-434f-b617-34e732517c0e}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{c42f1cd6-3a95-4ae2-a513-793c3ae610c7}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{12c38916-82ac-4737-8f38-b6957ffebad6}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{c970a45d-57f9-4e32-a5bd-886a9662641e}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{0c41d586-9c19-4e01-9d66-b5b98a97576e}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{89a89b7c-b5ab-4ed6-bf05-d3059281a5c5}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{84750a0c-b836-48e3-ab80-104985c857db}REG_BINARY Binary Data
EnablePacketQueue             REG_DWORD 0
{22001ee0-8e87-4f75-ba58-248f5918a63a}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{79f2a265-b693-4cc9-b480-cbcd87bd4747}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{c4b50f21-503e-4d7a-abd4-ed0a823a2453}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{91e902db-2cef-4040-b8e2-02fe4fd49c25}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{be7cbdf4-b192-4aa5-94f8-1fb5c5ee07bc}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{b6fdab6b-dcc6-43e3-99ce-7aeca65063a4}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{716b48eb-0a35-4a76-92ab-1d987230d288}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{0c41d586-9c19-4e01-9d66-b5b98a97576e}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{91ffecf0-0a9e-4572-95f1-a7111af86967}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{f444c576-6e60-4ea2-9faa-80d57ed12cd2}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{3a90a266-1519-4d23-911b-e84cd0f02ab8}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{5b0cb2e2-ab87-4974-9f1c-2f22a654eeb9}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{935b7f48-0ede-44dd-9bc2-e00bb635cda3}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{b6b2ca61-fb98-4422-adc2-e7cf56b3680c}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{8b50e2ec-7cF0-4b71-b42e-5b0536f6cab8}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{17043d46-fac2-4561-bca1-0c7a05e95f5f}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{3180114b-8338-4740-9a16-444134ad62f4}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{13bfd422-6f75-4408-8924-9400ec0cb19c}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{d870c96c-75ee-46a6-8a02-8e4401a73423}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{074f7f68-ee10-428a-89d1-ba78f6c327ca}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{dc95b53e-01cf-4058-821d-350b3d0d4676}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{07a24961-a760-4e80-b263-6d275e1b09cb}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{0ccc96a3-8c5c-45e2-b80e-7e37b16cc1ad}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{2dd96961-5757-434f-b617-34e732517c0e}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{941dad9d-7b1a-4354-997b-00cf1aa9b35c}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{3697a558-3ed3-49be-a4c1-c1a4448653b4}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{64e55933-15a5-495d-a928-ccca43d44875}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{4137b143-2770-43d4-91a2-55bb0a069830}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{12c38916-82ac-4737-8f38-b6957ffebad6}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{b02a4013-b6b5-4859-9168-1e3299e43b24}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{375fb39b-08c6-40f2-bdf2-08fa63f970a2}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{4e718c57-c397-4221-9fbb-14fd51701d6a}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{c42f1cd6-3a95-4ae2-a513-793c3ae610c7}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{0aa7fff8-919f-453c-928c-28a12122ba38}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{cbfb56db-3c85-4543-9bc2-76ea28cdd74e}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{c016105c-eb34-4519-a5fd-5f4e4ad4d18e}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{0c3be01b-fe70-4cc4-89dc-c07996b67e6d}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{a47525e2-725b-4888-8af1-ba5a60c04f4d}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{4d9581d2-aef8-4993-84cd-b986ced80d42}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{2db25e6c-f07a-44f4-b6c8-50a330d2790b}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{1165065e-4996-4338-abaf-4b8556b4d431}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{c970a45d-57f9-4e32-a5bd-886a9662641e}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{567d3836-3f5b-4067-b9c4-952f677010a2}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{70694559-714a-4a38-a0cd-51439e06f1d8}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{89a89b7c-b5ab-4ed6-bf05-d3059281a5c5}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{84750a0c-b836-48e3-ab80-104985c857db}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{e72646bc-7d3f-4c5c-a679-b3716f8c6cc8}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{b98b75dc-17c0-4e84-bd4e-2080527ca6a6}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{56b4fdc4-bb4e-4c42-a9d8-f627ee15ac21}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{1ba41ed8-151d-4577-9272-317856bc637c}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{9248d57e-f843-4159-807d-3813173e2096}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{4658cd86-525d-44ed-98a5-791a7b8655f1}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{decc16ca-3f33-4346-be1e-8fb4ae0f3d62}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{4b153735-1049-4480-aab4-d1b9bdc03710}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{1bebc969-61a5-4732-a177-847a0817862a}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{aa6a7d87-7f8f-4d2a-be53-fda555cd5fe3}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{839cd73f-1907-49ea-9aa5-0e6be9048087}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{b3cdd441-af90-41ba-a745-7c6008ff2300}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{b3cdd441-af90-41ba-a745-7c6008ff2301}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{b3cdd441-af90-41ba-a745-7c6008ff2302}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{9ba30013-c84e-47e5-ac6e-1e1aed72fa69}REG_BINARY Binary Data
{8c36b346-4e0c-4049-8b55-5295ac35567c}REG_BINARY Binary Data
Type:                   2
State:                  4 (The service is running.) (STOPPABLE, NOT_PAUSABLE, IGNORES_SHUTDOWN)
WIN32_EXIT_CODE:        0
CHECKPOINT:             0
WAIT_HINT:              0
AttachWhenLoaded              REG_DWORD 1
DisplayName                   REG_SZ @%SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\fltmgr.sys,-10001
ErrorControl                  REG_DWORD 3
Group                         REG_SZ FSFilter Infrastructure
ImagePath                     REG_EXPAND_SZ system32\drivers\fltmgr.sys
Start                         REG_DWORD 0
Tag                           REG_DWORD 1
Type                          REG_DWORD 2
Description                   REG_SZ @%SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\fltmgr.sys,-10000
File Size: 360792    BYTES FileVersion: 6.3.9600.17031 MD5: [46d1df775fff14585218bbe16e5b2c9a]
File Size: 80384     BYTES FileVersion: 6.3.9600.16384 MD5: [0fc9b04c7f729498b41a19fa55c33573]
MBAM Registry Settings and License Info:
    AutomaticQuarantine:                                       true 
    AutostartProtection:                                       true 
    LimitedMode:                                               false 
    StartSilentMode:                                           false 
    StartupDelay:                                              0 
    First-Run-After-Installation:                              false 
    DaysUntilNotifyExpiration:                                 5 
    RightClickAccess:                                          false 
    SilentErrors:                                              false 
    ExportLog:                                                 true 
    DisplayMilliseconds:                                       7000 
    Duration_Complete:                                         136000 
    Duration_Driver:                                           0 
    Duration_Filesystem:                                       1000 
    Duration_Heuristics:                                       320000 
    Duration_Loading:                                          0 
    Duration_MasterBootRecord:                                 0 
    Duration_Memory:                                           40000 
    Duration_PreScan:                                          7000 
    Duration_Registry:                                         14000 
    Duration_Sector:                                           0 
    Duration_Startup:                                          3000 
    ItemCount_Complete:                                        228770 
    ItemCount_Driver:                                          0 
    ItemCount_Filesystem:                                      31416 
    ItemCount_Heuristics:                                      9688 
    ItemCount_Loading:                                         0 
    ItemCount_MasterBootRecord:                                0 
    ItemCount_Memory:                                          2797 
    ItemCount_PreScan:                                         0 
    ItemCount_Registry:                                        630 
    ItemCount_Sector:                                          0 
    ItemCount_Startup:                                         501 
    LastScanDateEpoch:                                         1402023831227 
    LastScanType:                                              2 (Custom Scan)
    LastUpdate:                                                2014-06-06T12:03:05 
    NotifyInstallReady:                                        true 
    NotifyOutdatedDatabase:                                    1 
    ProxyPort:                                                 0 
    UseProxy:                                                  false 
    UseProxyAuthentication:                                    false 
  Account Status:                                              Trial 
  Expiration Time:                                             2014/06/19 23:25:58 
  Activation Time:                                             2014/06/05 23:25:58 
  Trial Used:                                                  true 
--------------Access Policies:--------------
Scheduler Queue:
        NotifyWhenUpdateCompletes:                             true 
        ProcessLaunchedFromScheduler:                          true 
        TaskType:                                              3 
          dateinterval:                                        0:0:0 
          lastscheduled:                                       Fri, 06 Jun 2014 17:47:52.116936 +0100 
          lasttriggered:                                       Fri, 06 Jun 2014 17:47:52.116936 +0100 
          nextscheduled:                                       Fri, 06 Jun 2014 18:48:50.116936 +0100 
          recovery:                                            00:00:00 
          start:                                               Fri, 06 Jun 2014 00:26:44.949201 +0100 
          timeinterval:                                        01:00:00 
          type:                                                3 
          uuid:                                                7b57f183-fdef-4b40-9f63-83675bfaf451 
      type:                                                    update 
      uuid:                                                    58dcabdf-42d5-4035-998c-f7417a0ae81d 
        CheckForUpdatesBeforeScanStart:                        true 
          ExitWhenNoMalwareDetected:                           false 
          ExportLog:                                           true 
          FileSystemOption:                                    true 
          RebootSystemWhenMalwareDetected:                     false 
          RemoveMalwareAutomaticallyWhenScanEnds:              false 
          ScanArchives:                                        true 
          ScanExtra:                                           true 
          ScanHeuristic:                                       true 
          ScanMemoryObjects:                                   true 
          ScanPUM:                                             2 
          ScanPUP:                                             2 
          ScanRegistry:                                        true 
          ScanRootkits:                                        false 
          ScanStartup:                                         true 
          ScanType:                                            1 (Threat Scan)
          Silent:                                              true 
          TerminateExplorerWhenMalwareIsRemoved:               false 
        StartTaskFromSystemAccount:                            false 
        TaskType:                                              0 
          dateinterval:                                        1:0:0 
          nextscheduled:                                       Sat, 07 Jun 2014 03:42:15 +0100 
          recovery:                                            23:00:00 
          start:                                               Sat, 07 Jun 2014 03:42:06 +0100 
          timeinterval:                                        00:00:00 
          type:                                                4 
          uuid:                                                1b706990-689b-4e48-8494-68f9981039ef 
      type:                                                    scan 
      uuid:                                                    84ce279a-e5bf-4bd6-8702-bfb1a4dfba16 
Pending File Rename Operations: 
If any Malwarebytes Anti-Malware items are listed below, the user must reboot to complete a Malwarebytes Anti-Malware upgrade installation.
MBAMProtector Registry Values:
Type                          REG_DWORD 2
Start                         REG_DWORD 3
ErrorControl                  REG_DWORD 1
ImagePath                     REG_EXPAND_SZ \??\C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\mbam.sys
Group                         REG_SZ FSFilter Anti-Virus
DependOnService               REG_MULTI_SZ FltMgr
WOW64                         REG_DWORD 1
DefaultInstance               REG_SZ MBAMProtector Instance
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MBAMProtector\Instances\MBAMProtector Instance
Altitude                      REG_SZ 328800
Flags                         REG_DWORD 0
PassThruFile                  REG_DWORD 0
ProductPath                   REG_DWORD 0
MBAMService Registry Values:
Type                          REG_DWORD 16
Start                         REG_DWORD 2
ErrorControl                  REG_DWORD 1
ImagePath                     REG_EXPAND_SZ "C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\mbamservice.exe"
DependOnService               REG_MULTI_SZ MBAMProtector
WOW64                         REG_DWORD 1
ObjectName                    REG_SZ LocalSystem
DelayedAutostart              REG_DWORD 0
MBAMScheduler Registry Values:
Type                          REG_DWORD 16
Start                         REG_DWORD 2
ErrorControl                  REG_DWORD 1
ImagePath                     REG_EXPAND_SZ "C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\mbamscheduler.exe"
WOW64                         REG_DWORD 1
ObjectName                    REG_SZ LocalSystem
Terminal Services Status for (null) entries in PM logs and GetUserToken errors:
Type:                   32
State:                  1 (The service is not running.) (State is stopped)
WIN32_EXIT_CODE:        1077
CHECKPOINT:             0
WAIT_HINT:              0
TermService Start is set to: 3 (Manual Startup)
Proxy Status: No proxy is Set
LAN Settings:
only 'Automatically detect settings' is selected
SystemPartition REG_SZ \Device\HarddiskVolume2
Balloon Tips Status:
Time Format Settings:
Should be:
h:mm:ss tt
REG_SZ HH:mm:ss
Language and Regional Settings:
ACP: Language is English (United States)
MACCP: Language is English (United States)
OEMCP: 850 Please refer to this link for details: Here 
Startup Folders for Error_Expanding_Variables Check:
All Users Startup Folder Exists.
Current User's Startup Folder Exists.
Context Menu Entries:
List of MBAM Related Directories:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\
7z.dll                                   File Size: 920888    BYTES FileVersion:       MD5: [9f522b2708cab181c0f137abbcd1de2e]
changes.txt                             File Size: 2261      BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [af70267bdf9a37a96f1a79a5c3720ae6]
license.rtf                             File Size: 39478     BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [8627b31943a534aad30d154c2b2c1aaf]
master.conf                             File Size: 1258      BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [9702ca5e82d3756c6d8af34a2ababaea]
mbam.dll                                 File Size: 579896    BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [d32c2a98859cb22d57a665f15f351e7d]
mbam.exe                                 File Size: 6970168   BYTES FileVersion:      MD5: [4fbc630768570e6ac35c3de8f6ec79f5]
mbamcore.dll                             File Size: 1680696   BYTES FileVersion:       MD5: [f722fa26739eafcbd8d5f3829b632cd7]
mbamdor.exe                             File Size: 54072     BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [4da2f2da54a92850f56c0db712058188]
mbamext.dll                             File Size: 184632    BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [945bb364b09f3a8e998dbff02a0a5a58]
mbampt.exe                               File Size: 39736     BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [9acd7583584c93ee542c273df8e91dc1]
mbamscheduler.exe                       File Size: 1809720   BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [d84aea3f3329d622dfc1297dddf6163b]
mbamservice.exe                         File Size: 860472    BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [4f45ed469906494f9bf754e476390dbd]
mbamsrv.dll                             File Size: 4437816   BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [9b48e38c35f08fa831b387a0b27c40aa]
mbamtoast.dll                           File Size: 96568     BYTES FileVersion:       MD5: [cb3f6732c7027a65f56bcb4cc7c481d3]
msvcp100.dll                             File Size: 421688    BYTES FileVersion:  10.0.40219.325 MD5: [e4b829081e639e42985853bae754a53d]
msvcr100.dll                             File Size: 774456    BYTES FileVersion:  10.0.40219.325 MD5: [80fcedbe920e9cbe30d9d3665bd6efed]
QtCore4.dll                             File Size: 2732856   BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [30490eed6a1e20e8259c0b9c58f488fe]
QtGui4.dll                               File Size: 8575288   BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [15e21aa7d0c0c994cd565eeb96d13c20]
QtNetwork4.dll                           File Size: 909112    BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [d7588d42e29080c32a003bee465160d8]
unins000.dat                             File Size: 23814     BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [d41069ab3002e501fd895084b8b9491f]
unins000.exe                             File Size: 718037    BYTES FileVersion:      MD5: [d2796ecf50731e696f0c065d24c0827a]
C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\\Chameleon
C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\\Chameleon\Windows
chameleon.chm                           File Size: 235882    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [c4190b71f037714aa77aba294434ba5b]
firefox.com                             File Size: 750392    BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [09882e8edd1144e6ef1af6d1f98305ee]
firefox.exe                             File Size: 750392    BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [09882e8edd1144e6ef1af6d1f98305ee]
firefox.pif                             File Size: 750392    BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [09882e8edd1144e6ef1af6d1f98305ee]
firefox.scr                             File Size: 750392    BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [09882e8edd1144e6ef1af6d1f98305ee]
iexplore.exe                             File Size: 750392    BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [09882e8edd1144e6ef1af6d1f98305ee]
mbam-chameleon.com                       File Size: 750392    BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [09882e8edd1144e6ef1af6d1f98305ee]
mbam-chameleon.exe                       File Size: 750392    BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [09882e8edd1144e6ef1af6d1f98305ee]
mbam-chameleon.pif                       File Size: 750392    BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [09882e8edd1144e6ef1af6d1f98305ee]
mbam-chameleon.scr                       File Size: 750392    BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [09882e8edd1144e6ef1af6d1f98305ee]
mbam-killer.exe                         File Size: 1181496   BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [c6927fd8f7e9105b64db5d5a08b53731]
rundll32.exe                             File Size: 750392    BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [09882e8edd1144e6ef1af6d1f98305ee]
svchost.exe                             File Size: 750392    BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [09882e8edd1144e6ef1af6d1f98305ee]
windows.exe                             File Size: 750392    BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [09882e8edd1144e6ef1af6d1f98305ee]
winlogon.exe                             File Size: 750392    BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [09882e8edd1144e6ef1af6d1f98305ee]
C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\\imageformats
qgif4.dll                               File Size: 32568     BYTES FileVersion:        MD5: [e59f533c26c8375cd120b4791482217e]
C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\\Languages
lang_bg.qm                               File Size: 144048    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [9ccb79999432d56b9843a3e2b2c90325]
lang_bs.qm                               File Size: 145523    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [6ab7a6274d4f9f7553c944f5c66201ba]
lang_ca.qm                               File Size: 132254    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [68a83ec63b6e7bc5dbdd412bcc49c6ce]
lang_cs.qm                               File Size: 141243    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [6b8acee7f461fa69b83d2c45c3725427]
lang_da.qm                               File Size: 130101    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [8539796784746218b229419e99ab308d]
lang_de.qm                               File Size: 149462    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [fcd3bc376ad219396e8c7d3c87cd8864]
lang_el.qm                               File Size: 149912    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [74f13f95f63fe96c08e571598df052d6]
lang_en.qm                               File Size: 115961    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [8c9da1c0ce06b89f8d323bf948bfba4e]
lang_es.qm                               File Size: 130487    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [33e1c6d40b841cc2e783ec8d8102e66f]
lang_et.qm                               File Size: 138126    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [aa215b5f37a72a69854c9163ac543b51]
lang_fi.qm                               File Size: 144256    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [18912c339939c3a6629004ec900f4fe4]
lang_fr.qm                               File Size: 149253    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [ec2bf2f431c4273f151b8c8a7b84c387]
lang_he.qm                               File Size: 116101    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [9e692744e77051c6ce14df32f9b71920]
lang_hr.qm                               File Size: 139841    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [3e3737fe86eb595c5f6817eebf731aa7]
lang_hu.qm                               File Size: 145621    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [52d3d7fcf8c8db071ef0573a1357c2fd]
lang_id.qm                               File Size: 143102    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [80473d2c73d2f54f2b23c9316f2d0ceb]
lang_it.qm                               File Size: 146851    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [7e7aea7d0b433d7e912ed9f0887684a7]
lang_ja.qm                               File Size: 121282    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [19ac79b7a5e05d665e417c2dd75afc94]
lang_ko.qm                               File Size: 118033    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [de213178c14490bf452ea45278d3442d]
lang_nl.qm                               File Size: 146325    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [5aec6f6bdc5e6c28744e6ef374709eeb]
lang_no.qm                               File Size: 142918    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [4388c08217618af2e24173af6f5d3f97]
lang_pl.qm                               File Size: 145434    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [699700c889447d1f9b607c04f07fff67]
lang_pt_BR.qm                           File Size: 131739    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [a3430222223d59da8ec6ea1edae5ee2f]
lang_pt_PT.qm                           File Size: 149128    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [afdf1907af4c95f9af510d5fc1bb9067]
lang_ro.qm                               File Size: 121166    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [1672a2b3a9807a1497fe43824c0026c0]
lang_ru.qm                               File Size: 122186    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [d4dd1eea2b0f52aba2fca4d159c387f7]
lang_sk.qm                               File Size: 119827    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [8b200d162e8028843e41aa1a927cfd84]
lang_sl.qm                               File Size: 143191    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [1760a6aa6990b2f0c4c71ec04b25ac9c]
lang_sr.qm                               File Size: 143261    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [377d15c0da0249f4a7a58978b6307d81]
lang_sv.qm                               File Size: 142525    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [2587ead21967296fefdd0ee0684fe8b4]
lang_tr.qm                               File Size: 142194    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [880fcbe97ec6f13ec094f7371b5b295f]
lang_vi.qm                               File Size: 126874    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [c61281786b5bfec68afc742a19f6abd9]
lang_zh_tr.qm                           File Size: 110870    BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [f223d83580b1ee35edea13293cb2c80d]
C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\\Plugins
fixdamage.exe                           File Size: 821560    BYTES FileVersion:     MD5: [3a4dcd021d9f3a5305a22e5e309da305]
C:\Users\kuku\AppData\Roaming\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
actions.ref                             File Size: 314       BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [b26a36c0696e299fdfebe180c09c2737]
domains.ref                             File Size: 38        BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [8c30b536b67543eb68e68b9640d4d498]
exclusions.dat                           File Size: 0         BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e]
ips.ref                                 File Size: 33        BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [8a1c580788ea8de3f32862c2c1cf373c]
rules.ref                               File Size: 8402088   BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [c696f495c7f6af8b1504f4eeb61d3a8f]
swissarmy.ref                           File Size: 21316     BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [a6d0ca7a44b74627656ca4d3e892e853]
C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\Configuration
build.conf                               File Size: 217       BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [de2038e3d44c31573d0e8ff4454c6e20]
database.conf                           File Size: 4         BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [2261e7eca4cd0615a97263c0ad5045c2]
gatekeeper.conf                         File Size: 4         BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [2261e7eca4cd0615a97263c0ad5045c2]
license.conf                             File Size: 460       BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [30cb7a6b230c58c376281ea778389b9d]
manifest.conf                           File Size: 2133      BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [1ef357fec19ce78baa49e53a6c8b035c]
marketing.conf                           File Size: 1434      BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [19533c40d9c9778b2ab423dbcf063d80]
net.conf                                 File Size: 356       BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [63d769c9e239372b96fc2db0e530cd2e]
notifications.conf                       File Size: 4         BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [2261e7eca4cd0615a97263c0ad5045c2]
scheduler.conf                           File Size: 2162      BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [cf4fb1c4e5468828edac4c7c05eccc18]
settings.conf                           File Size: 1991      BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [549b3589ee0b06ca7280a21cb5013880]
statistics.conf                         File Size: 597       BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [9737939eeb61d4a478bf41c84df131fe]
C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\Logs
mbam-log-2014-06-06 (00-27-03).xml       File Size: 2468      BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [bac7cb24bcada37816ee66a8a04cb6c0]
mbam-log-2014-06-06 (04-03-49).xml       File Size: 2468      BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [575e0778af4caf642f435db4cedcdf03]
protection-log-2014-06-06.xml           File Size: 9605      BYTES FileVersion:  N/A            MD5: [ac6326e3873286a71f9027a3a61b90a5]
C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\Quarantine
Malware Exclusions:
Web Exclusions:
Quarantined Items:
Unable to access quarantine information: Error code 20002===============================================================
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Do all of these next steps. There will be more to do after all that.
If there is any "hiccup" then Stop / provide me all details and do not do any "fixes" on your own.

Go to Control Panel >>All Control Panel items >> Programs and Features. { on XP you use Add-or-Remove programs }
Locate and select **Malwarebytes Anti-Malware** and (( if not there then skip this part )) do a Right click on it and select Uninstall.
Allow the Uninstall to proceed.
Close Control Panel when done.

If the uninstall from Control Panel hiccups or does not work, please go forward and use the mbam-clean step anyway.

Close all opened windows/apps so you will have a clear view to the desktop.
I would suggest, a new clean install as follows:
Download and SAVE mbam-clean utility from http://downloads.malwarebytes.org/file/mbam_clean

then run mbam-clean.exe: Double click the "mbam-clean-" file to run the clean tool. It runs quickly.

It will ask to restart your computer, please allow it to do so very important

Next Download & SAVE the latest version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from

Run the mbam-setup. IF your Windows is Vista / Windows 7 / 8, then do a Right-click on **mbam-setup.exe** and select Run as Administrator and allow to run.
Then after the setup has finished, on the Dashboard screen, press the **Update now** link.
Let me know if the update succeeds.

When all done, do a new (fresh) Windows Restart.

Confirm having done all of this. There is more to follow.

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Good then.  Like noted, be sure you did 1 Windows restart so that we can insure all was finalized by Windows to permanent memory.



Take a look inside the program. Start the Anti-Malware. Click on the Settings icon at the top bar up at top.
Then click the **Advanced Settings** button at the left.
Be sure all top 3 lines on that window are check-marked ( selected ).

Now a couple of changes for each of the Update task & the Threat scan task in the Scheduler.
Click on **Automated Scheduling** button.

Locate and click once on **Check for Updates** line and press Edit. Then press the Advanced button at bottom left.
Slide the window up so you can see all of it. {press the mouse on the very top bar and slide UP }
Look at the "starting time" of the task and use some good time when you know that your computer will be on & powered & that Windows would be on at that time.
Look at the line in Schedule Options. UN-check "Show notification after successful update".

In the Frequency and Settings. Select Hourly and I suggest using the Recurrence at 4 hours.
In the Recovery Options put a check-mark on "Recover missed tasks" and select 1 hour
When done, press the OK button.

Locate and click once on the Threat Scan line and press Edit.Then press the Advanced button at bottom left.
Slide the window up so you can see all of it. {press the mouse on the very top bar and slide UP }

In the Schedule Options, put a check-mark on the line Terminate program when no threats are found
{when no malwares are detected you want the scheduled task to close}.

In the Frequency and Settings block.
You should have Daily and the recurrence set to 1 day.
now UN-check the line Check for updates before scanning {{that line should be always off otherwise the task may not run at the time set. It maybe run +/- 15 minutes of that period.}

In the Recovery Options put a check-mark on "Recover missed tasks" and select 1 hour
When done, press the OK button.

When completely done, close the window.

A fresh Windows start would be good to do at this point. Use Logoff and Restart Windows.

Monitor your system over the next day or two and let me know how it goes.


Finally, as the saying goes, Backup is your best friend.  Backup your system to offline ( external) media.

How to Create a System Image in Windows 8 and 8.1


Also see our Secure Backup program, which can do backups to a cloud server.    and you can try it fro free for 14 days.


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Hi maurice

no luck,the next day it was the same,i have scanned with defender nothing,i checked all 13 chamelon no luck,have tried rootkit finders,no luck,i used hitman today,it deleted loads of tracking cookies and came up with the message we have partially removed malware,please restart i did,malwarebytes still wont update.

i have to go out but will check back later.thankyou.

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Hello Sammygen,


If you would please not use tools on your own, and provide me some fresh new reports, I will work with you and get this cleared up.


First, I need some current reports so that I can review.


This is simply to allow Windows 8 to show all files.

Press and hold Windows-key & then press E key to start Windows Explorer.

When in Windows Explorer, press ALT-key then V key to get VIEW menu
Look at the top ribbon, right side. {the Show/Hide block}
Look at the line "Hidden items". IF it has no checkmark, then Click the box one time so that it is checked.


I would prefer that you attach any reports  ( instead of copying/pasting).   Thanks.

Please download the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool from here:


save it to your desktop.

RIGHT-click on FRST64.exe and select Run as Administrator to start it and reply Yes to allow to run when prompted by Windows.

When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
Press the Scan button.
It will make a log (**FRST.txt**) in the same directory the tool is run.

Please attach that log to your reply.
The first time the tool is run, it makes a second log (**Addition.txt**).
Please attach that to your reply as well

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Hi again following on from yesterday,i uninstalled and reinstalled,malwareby just to keep safe,i fully expected it to not be working and say databases out of date,it appears to be fine at the moment,should i go ahead with your above instructions or see how it goes ?? many thanks.

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Your log showed

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:
Installed On:                      2014/06/09
Malware Database:                  2014.06.10.06


Which means you have the latest program version.   That this was installed on Monday ( yesterday)

and that the database definitions are coming thru and fine.


I do notice it showing as in Trial mode.  So if you have a License you will need to place back your License Keys thru Activation.


See this article on our site on How to Activate the License Keys into your program


If you only have the free-mode, then disregard this part.


Delete the tools I had you use:






Your install is good to go.

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As long as you purchased the license from us ( at malwarebytes.org) the purchase would have been processed by Cleverbridge, and you can do your own lookup by making a search with the email-address you used at the time of purchase.


If you do not have your ID and Key, you may retrieve these from this webpage:



Also, you should be able to search your emails and search on "Cleverbrige" for your information.


If on the other hand, you purchased at a retail store or any outside source, we do not have any purchase or license records on those.

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