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Issue with Malwarebytes Custom Scan with Rootkit Scanning Enabled

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There's not really much to this problem, and it's more an annoyance than a security risk I suppose, but, since upgrading to the newest available definitions (at present v2014.06.06.03) the Malwarebytes custom scan with Rootkit detection enabled idles when scanning img28.png in a Windows folder; pausing and canceling do nothing, the program needs to be forcibly closed.

I'm led to believe that this issue was also present in the 2.0.1 release of Malwarebytes, though having read the 2.0.2 release notes and the entries regarding fixing scenarios like this I felt that it may be worth posting.

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Sorry, it's a rather peculiar time for me to post.  I suppose I should clarify:  I updated to 2.0.2 via the automatic update process, it wasn't a clean install (I forget when the update pushed) and from then until this morning I was able to complete full custom scans with rootkit scanning enabled.  This morning's update caused the program to become briefly unresponsive though scan logs show that the database version updated succesfully.  My assumption is that a new set of definitions were also pushed for the anti-rootkit component which has in turn reintroduced this issue.


Sorry again, I couldn't find a way to edit this into my original post.

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Hello and :welcome:, Shine:

Just for the record, for routine purposes, a THREAT scan is all that is recommended or necessary as that is the scan that will look in all the places live malware is likely to hide.  Routine "Full" scanning of the entire system and all drives is neither necessary, or recommended.  It's a task better suited to your AV and can cause unnecessary wear on your hard drive.  It need not be performed often, unless the computer is showing signs of infection.
More info here: Version 2 scan types

Having said that, it's not normal for a scan to hang.  So, to troubleshoot, please start here:

Please post back and let us know if your issue is resolved.
Thank You,

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Thank you for the response, the problem has actually worsened since posting in that additional database updates now cause a custom scan to stall while scanning specific files regardless of which scanning options are checked; a recommended threat scan still completes without issue, however. I performed the clean remove/reinstallation process though the issue persists.

It's rather early in the morning for me, I'll perform the logging step later today and post back with results though I'm under the impression that this may be similar to the bug with 2.0.1 in that the scan decides to stall on the same files/folders. I'm not all too familiar with how malware signatures are checked against the definitions, though that's the only change that has been made.

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AFAIK, the bug you mention was fixed a while back.



Is your hard drive encrypted? 

The only encryption method supported with anti-rootkit (ARK) scanning is TrueCrypt.

So, if the drive is encrypted with BitLocker or any other method, please disable ARK to see if that resolves your issue.


Otherwise please read the following & post back with the requested logs attached to your next reply when you are ready: Diagnostic Logs


Thank you,

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I don't believe the drive is encrypted.

Though, that the issue seems to have resolved itself. The scan stalls in a number of folders (My Phantasy Star Online 2 installation folder and Windows/Web/...) but after a few minutes resumes scanning as normal. At present all seems to be well.

Thanks for responding, and sorry that this turned into something of a waste of time.

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First, please be sure you are running the most current version (, if not, I suggest a clean upgrade to it, as suggested earlier.


If you disable archive scanning and anti-rootkit scanning, that can improve scan times a  bit.

Otherwise, a bit of patience can be a good thing.


FWIW, routine "Custom" scanning of the entire system -- aka "Full scan" -- is neither necessary nor recommended.

It is a task better suited to your anti-virus and can cause wear on the drive.

The THREAT scan will look in all places live malware is likely to hide.

After an initial full system scan, if you wish, regular threat scans should be more than sufficient, if the system is not showing signs of infection.



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