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I have lost sound, due to quarantine of a trojan

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MalwareBytes informed me of two Trojans located in the same file and suggested I quarantine it, so I did.
Upon restarting my computer, I had no sound at all, I attempted to test the sound within a windows program which told me it had 'failed'.

I then opened up Malwarebytes and took a look at the history (I have the paid version with the new layout).


The Trojans were labeled 'Trojan.FakeMS'. Both in the same location.


The location was C:\Windows\System32\audiodg.exe



What should I do about this?

How can I get my sound back without keeping the Trojans?


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Same happened to me..exactly the same time.My pc started to detect it during me doing sfc scan..I dont know what happened.kinda freaking me out right now.I just upgrade my mothrboard and i dont want to think that the on board audio is defective already.

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Hi, and :welcome: , nasrul29 & Hiyuko:

Its better to start your own topic as apposed to "me too" replies see my post #4 above for instructions as to what to do next....

Sorry to hear you are having issues.

Each computer is unique.

Problems that sound "the same" most often are not.

The same is true for solutions.

They most often need to be individualized.

It is less confusing for everyone if we try to stick to "one user per topic".

Please start a NEW, SEPARATE topic using the cjfj.png button.

The staff and experts will be able to more easily provide both you and the OP with individual help to get you both up and running.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,


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upon reading online it says that viruses named this are very nasty and can do a wide range of horrible things to a system including stealing data and hiding itself after the first scan, so I'm worried about restoring it. Is restoring it still a good idea? After all it wasn't found in a scan it just popped up after clicking on a website

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What do you mean unless I double click it? it's a trojan, as far as I know they do not require you to double click it for it to start doing it's dirty work.


Sorry if I'm coming off as rude here, I don't mean to be.


But anyway I'll restore it, scan and see what happens.

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The file just sitting in a folder does not do anything unless you, or the system auto starts it via a command at boot up, double click it to execute the program.

Once its restored, submit the file for review and if its found to be clean or a false positive then you still have the file handy. As many reports as we are getting with this file, its a good chance its a false positive.

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I had this exact same problem this morning.

Malwarebytes quarantined the audiodg.exe file as a trojan and then I removed it only to have all my sound stop working.


I used system file checker to actually rebuild said file and now my audio is working but malwarebytes is still picking up audiodg.exe as a trojan and dropping it in quarantine.

If anyone wants to see if this'll work for them too, check out this page. http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/1538-sfc-scannow-command-system-file-checker.html

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware



Scan Date: 05/06/2014

Scan Time: 13:51:58


Administrator: Yes



Malware Database: v2014.06.05.08

Rootkit Database: v2014.06.02.01

License: Premium

Malware Protection: Enabled

Malicious Website Protection: Enabled

Self-protection: Disabled


OS: Windows 7

CPU: x64

File System: NTFS

User: Jake


Scan Type: Threat Scan

Result: Completed

Objects Scanned: 265695

Time Elapsed: 7 min, 59 sec


Memory: Enabled

Startup: Enabled

Filesystem: Enabled

Archives: Enabled

Rootkits: Disabled

Heuristics: Enabled

PUP: Warn

PUM: Enabled


Processes: 1

Trojan.FakeMS, C:\Windows\System32\audiodg.exe, 1324, Delete-on-Reboot, [9e3e284cbfbc3501f71bfb8b0001748c]


Modules: 0

(No malicious items detected)


Registry Keys: 0

(No malicious items detected)


Registry Values: 0

(No malicious items detected)


Registry Data: 0

(No malicious items detected)


Folders: 0

(No malicious items detected)


Files: 1

Trojan.FakeMS, C:\Windows\System32\audiodg.exe, Delete-on-Reboot, [9e3e284cbfbc3501f71bfb8b0001748c], 


Physical Sectors: 0

(No malicious items detected)




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  • Root Admin

Thank you for the log. Your database shows it as: Malware Database: v2014.06.05.08 this was corrected in build .09 and current build is at .12


Please update your database and this should no longer be detected.


If needed you should be able to run the following to restore the file:  How to Repair Windows 7 System Files with System File Checker


Thank you

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