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Does Malwarebytes protect against GoZeuS and Cryptolocker?

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Lots in the media here in the UK about how we only have weeks to protect ourselves. Not sure why 2 weeks but appears the FBI and other agencies are after the Russians for this. My Malwarebytes is fully up to dare and system scanned and clear so am I safe?

I won't be clicking on any email links but does MB protect against these?

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Hello -

Basically , Yes if you are using the Pro Version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware it will prevent these programs from installing. The FBI have identified at least one Russian suspected of these infections.


If you are only using the Free Version, it is a great Clean-up Tool, but it will not prevent these infections from installing.


The problem is not just in the UK or USA, but it is a world wide problem, and you need Active Versions of Antivirus and Antimalware tools.


This has been a problem since September last year, and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware was on the job of preventing it from installing at the start.


Thank You -

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Is the Premium version same as the pro version, please?????

Short answer: Yes, sort of.

Longer answer:
The paid, licensed, consumer version for 1.75 was called "Pro".
The paid, licensed, consumer version for the current program version (2.0) is called "Premium".
What does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0 mean for me?

ALSO, for additional information:
There is an FAQ Section here: Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions
And here are links to the MBAM 2.0 User Guide: Online and PDF
And there are many useful KB topics and videos at the helpdesk support page
If you need specific help with any aspect of the program, please start a NEW, SEPARATE topic using the cjfj.png button.
The staff and experts will be able to more easily provide both you and the OP with individual help.


Thank you,

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Hello anniesboy:

If you have properly installed and activated the Pro/Premium version Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and the relevant protections are activated while keeping the database up-to-date, then the answer is yes. You are then protected against the known variants.


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Hi Anniesboay & Blugiraffe.


Let me suggest you Get and put in place our  Anti-Exploit program


And to practice and observe these principles to put the odds in your favor & protect against infections.

Never open attachments that you did not expect, however enticing they may be.

Always keep Windows up-to-date with security updates from MS Windows Update

Always check for security updates to your application programs.

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