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[SOLVED] MBAE and Opera v22 Update

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For your information: I've found that the automatic download update for Opera 22 (22.0.1471.50) was being prevented - until I suspended MBAE   Opera 21 had been sluggish for a couple of weeks, I imagine the constant attempts to download the update were using resource.


Firefox updates did not seem to be affected.


I'm also running MBAM, and Kaspersky Internet Security on a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit machine.

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FWIW, I have Opera, Opera Next and Opera Developer.  I manually check their FTP site for updates, and manually updating has yet to cause me any problems.  So this must be restricted to the internal updating method.


Pedro, since I can access the FTP, I can download an older version and initiate internal updates on demand.  Have you already pinpointed the issue, or would more logs help?

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1)  Installed Opera_21.0.1432.67_Setup, upon opening it notified me that an update was available, but was extremely sluggish to respond.  I let it update, and no tabs would load after it achieved UAC elevation.  I then closed Opera, and ran it again.  This time there was no slow down of loading web pages, and the version had incremented to the latest version.


2)  Installed Opera_Next_22.0.1471.34_Setup, and upon running Opera after install, I did not get any sort of pop up stating that there was a new version available, but the app was again extremely sluggish to respond, and when I went to the About Opera tab, I saw the following: 


22.0.1471.34 - Restart Opera to update to version 22.0.1471.40


Upon restarting, Opera Next had automatically updated, as evidenced in the about tab:



22.0.1471.40 - Opera is up to date



3) Finally, installed Opera_Developer_23.0.1514.1_Setup, and it performed identically to Opera Next.  Sluggish to load tabs (in fact, it did nto load the default tabs I had in Opera, like SpeedDial and About, and I had to re-enter the URLs / URNs manually to show them in new tabs), and then in the about tab I see


23.0.1514.1 - Restart Opera to update to version 23.0.1522.0


and after restarting I see



23.0.1522.0 - Opera is up to date


NOTE: All three steps were performed with MBAE running, and no MBAE dialogs, warnings, nor errors were encountered.


Then, to see if there was a more underlying cause, I closed out of MBAE's protection (using stop protection), and performed all three steps again.


Same results, including the sluggishness.


So, definitely not resulting from MBAE.



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