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Possible false positive detections


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Malwarebytes found a number of PUPs recently which i have quarantined and which have remained quarantined for a couple of days now. I have scanned since and all clean. My question is on whether these PUPs really are malware (or unwanted modifications)? My computer was running smoothly prior and has been running smoothly since the removal of the PUPs but would just like some confirmation if i should keep them in quarantine or should i unquarantine them? Or even remove them completely.


The unlocker file it found is a false positive, it's a file that moves stubborn files from one place to another.


Log attached.


Thank you.


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These are all Potentially Unwanted Modifications. These are not really malware, but registry modifications (policies) that are/were most likely set by malware. For example, in your case, your taskmanager, registry editor, and some restrictions in your display properties were applied.

I believe that in your case, they are set by malware since, if you added these restrictions yourself, you probably should have spotted this ;-)


As for the PUP.Optional.Babylon.A that is detected for the Unlocker file. As a matter of fact, only the installer was detected here. We do not detect unlocker, but in this case it was detected because it's bundled with the Babylon Toolbar (from the looks of it).

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Hi, thanks for the swift response miekie, much appreciated :)


As for the detentions, what is your recommendation? Leave them all as quarantined? Since quarantined my computer has been running smoothly so i guess it wouldn't be a problem keeping them there.


Also, should i delete the installer? 


Thanks again.

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