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Hello, I have NOT searched the Forum for the Solution to my problem as I found it impossible to describe it in Short. So, if there is a solution and I have wasted your time please link me. My, apologies.


I have an external 2TB HDD which I use for file sharing with many people. But recently while I was trying to install Microsoft SQL 2008 , which I got from a friend on my WORK computer. The installation did not happen correctly and as the program got corrupted I had to manually remove the files and I tried to re-install the program but it failed saying that the program was already installed. So, going through a guide in which it gave instructions to remove certain registry files I did as instructed.(I know I must have deleted the wrong registry keys, that's what I thought BUT wait for it...)  After which things took a violent turn the computer crashed I tried to revive it using a backup Image of the computer . But still it failed. It was something about NOT being able to find the desktop file. And Eventually the computer will NOT go beyond the BIOS startup screen. I took it to a repairing center and they said THE HDD was damaged and had to be change . So, I gave the computer for HDD fixing. Now, I tried to install the Micrsoft SQL 2008 on another computer (A backup computer,the one I am using to communicate now) everything installed smoothly until that also crashed and somehow I was able to revert back the changes.  Now the computer is cranky but its working. Now, the WORK computer which I had given to fix came back today and I installed Avast(Anti-Virus) and Comodo(Firewall) on that computer . Also I installed VLC media player. The computer was working perfectly fine . And suddenly it crashed and won't go any further than the BIOS startup screen.


I Also performed Scan on my HDD and Backup Computer using MalwareBytes and McAfee. But the results for malware detection were ZERO.


Similarity between the first and second crash of the WORK computer
1. The VLC started crashing and there was some FTP problem.

2. Connected HDD to both of them .

3. The Mouse and Keyboard stopped working suddenly.

4.  Restarted the computer

5. Won't go beyond BIOS startup Screen


Work Computer Specs:
Windows 8

Architecture 86x

Ram 8gb 

Processor Intel i5 


Backup Computer Specs:

Windows 7

Architecture 32x

Ram 2gb

Processor CORE 2 Duo



Any help will be greatly appreciated. 






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