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did i just get attacked?

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[so i was online, and my wifi disconnected. I reconnected the wifi, and then clicked to open firefox, but it wouldnt open, then i clicked to open comodo, and it wouldnt open. task manager wouldnt open either, and the mouse froze. I then restarted the computer, and it said ''updating your system''.

I just now looked at comodo, and a bunch of things were blocked all at the time before  i restarted the computer. here is a screenshot.






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Hello and welcome back:


We can't work on malware diagnostics and removal in this sub-section of the forum.

So, for expert assistance, I suggest that you please follow the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.

If you are unable to run the requested preliminary scans -- perhaps because malware has changed "permissions" on the system -- then please just start a new post in the malware removal section >>HERE<< anyway, explaining the situation.

A malware analyst will assist you with looking into your issue.


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i posted a new topic. was able to get the farber open. is it important to use the most up to date farber? i had an older version of farber installed but downloaded the new one, and finally got it to work.

i also ran a full custom scan, and it is showing no issues so far, but i dont understand why my computer froze, and all the files got blocked it makes zero sense.



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As you probably noticed, the malware removal section here (and all other help sites) is quite busy. :(


The specifics about the updated FRST tool would be something only the author could provide.

Having said that, it's always advisable and safer to discard older versions of such tools and to use only the most current one.


Thanks for your patience,

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