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Automatic Scheduling for FREE edition of

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Some time ago I was asked to upgrade to the paid version of MBAM  Not really needing all those bells & whistles, I allowed the free trial period to expire.  Since then the software has been bothering and pestering me for paying (which I won't do), and even while it proclaims that my free trial is over, it updates every hour, and also scans my computer every one hour or three hours, I'm not sure which.  But when I try to change Automatic Scheduling, I find the selection boxes grayed out.  So I uninstalled MBAM and reinstalled the free version hoping that this situation would go away.  But what I got with the new installation was the identical situation!


Well,I have used MBAM for years and I like it.  But I find the current behavior of the version 2 software unacceptable.  If MBAM management insists on keeping version in its current very annoying high-pressure sales mode, then they should revert to version 1 for a free version.

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Uninstalling from the Windows Add/Remove Programs does not do a complete uninstall.  You need to use this tool to do a complete uninstall, then you can download the free version (or simply install it if you have already downloaded it).


Automated Scheduling is a feature of the Premium version, and is part of the trial (until a trial expires).  During the installation, you can choose whether you wish to start a free trial or just use the free version.  Please bear in mind that the free version cannot go back and "undamage" everything that may have been damaged by malware if you were not using real-time protection when malware struck.  That is a primary reason that the Premium version exists.

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