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Having just updated, or at least tried to, MBAM to v2.0.2.1012, I have a number of suggestions:


1) Remember sensible users use a standard user account NOT an administrator account. I was unable to update the previous working version due to not being an Administrator and there was NO UAC for Administrator authority. Updates should request an Admin password not fail if the account is a standard user.


2) The desktop icon cannot be modified in any way, e.g. setting it to 'run as administrator' fails even when the administrator password  which Windows requests has been entered. As update needs an Admin account why can this setting be changed??


3) Due to 1) above, I had to download a 'trial version' from Malwarebytes, run it as administrator and then found that even though it was still registered it would not allow Real Time Protection, Malware Protection or Malicious Website Protection. As this is why the programme is needed why does updating cause so many problems??????


I suggest that the desktop icon should have 'Run as Administrator' enable as a matter of course, that MBAM update requests, and responds to, Administrator Password (UAC), that updates are downloaded to the PC's Download folder for users to execute in their own time and these to request UAC permission before execution.


I am currently going to totally remove MBAM, check registry for any leftovers, then reload the "update" and hope that it works as it should with real time protection etc. working correctly!




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Thanks for your feedback.

There are some new features in 2.0 that might explain some of what you report.
For #1: Unfortunately, MBAM -- like most other security apps -- needs to be installed from an Admin account in order to work properly.   With the PREMIUM version, all automated tasks (including update checks and scans) can be set up from that account; they will then run automatically, even when the user or users are logged in under LUAs.
For #2: It sounds as if you enabled MBAM Self-Protection (SP)? Doing so will prevent moving/renaming or otherwise changing the desktop shortcut icon.  If you disable SP, that will solve that problem.
For #3: Same problem, probably.  Enabling SP can interfere with uninstalling/reinstalling and even changing some settings -- it needs to be disabled before uninstalling/reinstalling.  I would suggest that you please start fresh:

>>If the clean reinstall doesn't resolve your issues and you need to post logs, please do so in a NEW topic in the support area >>HERE<<.

ALSO, for additional information:
There is an FAQ Section here: Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions
And here are links to the MBAM 2.0 User Guide: Online and PDF
And there are many useful KB topics and videos at the helpdesk support page

Thank You,

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I have just finished re-installing MBAM after using MBAM Cleaner and checking registry - two comments:


1) Cleaner did NOT totally remove all MBAM entries in registry but that seems to be the norm for most uninstallers


2) On starting up and activating MBAM all now works OK.


This leads to the suggestion that, as with a number of other programmes, the installer totally removes the old version, restarts the computer and then installs the new version. This would be welcomed by many of your customers especially those who use the standard user account not the administrator account for safety reasons.

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I was just looking at your previous reply and have the following comments to make:


1) No Self Protection was in fact un-ticked so should not have been working


2) It's OK INSTALLING MBAM from an Administrator account but when the programme sees an update and the running account is NOT an administrator, it should request administrator authority which at present it doesn't. It just fails, this is not a good advert for the programme and needs looking into ASAP!! Other programmes manage to update without problem so why not MBAM??


Now it's working, I'll use Cleaner to remove the current version before updating, it's the only way to avoid problems!

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FWIW, SP is the most common reason why users cannot move/rename/remove the desktop shortcut icon. That's why I suggested that (and that's one reason why SP is disabled by default in Version 2). ;)
Everything you describe sounds as if it relates to "permissions".

I'll need to defer to the staff to better explain why MBAM needs to be installed and configured from an Admin-level account.
If you are still experiencing problems, then please read the following and post back the requested logs in a NEW, SEPARATE topic in the support section >>HERE<< - Diagnostic Logs

The logs may point to something with your system that the staff/experts can help to sort out.



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