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Fake Facebook Login

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Here's the story. My girlfriend is on facebook and gets a message from a friend to view pics. She clicks the link and it sends her to another facebook login page. She entered her login and password, then hits enter, and it takes her to a fake you tube page asking her to update her flash player. She realizes at this point it is a scam/virus page. She does NOT click to update the flash player.


Here's the problem. She did enter her login and password and hit enter on the fake facebook login. I ran a scan with Norton Internet Security, then with Norton Power Eraser and then finally with Malwarebytes. None of them picked up anything on the computer. Shouldn't have something popped up? I am afraid now to use the computer, especially since I use it for banking and credit card payments.


I was thinking maybe of setting my computer back to its original factory settings. Would this make sure that whatever happened to the computer is gone? I am just worried since nothing was detected. Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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Hello and :welcome: , Reiger:


Yes, a factory reset will remove MOST (but NOT all) types of infections.

There's really not enough information in your post to safely determine what may or may not be going on.

And a factory reset is a pretty extreme solution (you will lose all your data -- documents, photos, music, videos, etc).


In any event, we can't work on malware diagnostics and removal in this sub-section of the forum.

That work is conducted in a special area of the forum.

So, if you would like expert help, I suggest that you please follow the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.
A malware analyst will guide you through the scanning and cleanup process.


>>You are certainly wise NOT to conduct any sort of financial transaction on the computer until it has been cleaned, and to use a known clean computer to change all of your passwords.


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All I see in the that post is Phishing.  Phishing is not necessarily the precursor to malware and if MBAM and Norton didn't detect anything then I don't see a need for the draconian knee-jerk reaction of setting the "computer back to its original factory settings".  I do see a need to change the Facebook password and any other account password associated with that event.
You may also choose to follow daledoc1's advice about seeking assistance in verifying that nothing was dropped on the computer during said event.

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