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Your Sysrem is not fully protected/Fix now button doesn't fix

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Database 2014.05.30.09


I am running Windows XP.


Was running OK since your most recent upgrade

but now I get a warning on the dashboard:


"Your System is not Fully Protected"


and a red "x" after "Real Time Protection",

"Malicious Website Protection disabled, Malware Protection Enabled


If I click the green "fix now" button it blinks but nothing happens, the warnings remain.


Tried a full restart/reboot of the PC, still the same warning.


Please help



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Hello and :welcome::

Thank You,

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Strangely the dashboard now says system is fully protected again and "real time protection"  is checked and says "Malware and Malicious Webosite protection enabled" and both options in the Detection and Protection are enabled again. No red flags. I haven't done anything except for a couple of normal shut downs/start ups.


The only thing different is that the Malwarebytes icon has disappeared from the bottom right corner of the task bar. But it's definitely working. I get the usual incoming warnings and it still blocks my access to a website I know from the past to avoid.


So should I still do the uninstall/re-install or if it ain't broke don't fix it?

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Yes rebooting can fix a problem such as that you reported. :)


You are on XP?

It's been ages since I last used it, so I don't recall how to troubleshoot the system tray icons (they changed it significantly from Vista on...).


Yes, you could try to CLEANLY reinstall again (rebooting both before starting and after reinstalling, and following each step carefully).

Or you could try the MS fixit tool explained here to rebuild the Windows icon cache, which sometimes gets corrupted during software upgrades and other processes (I am pretty sure it works for all Windows OS flavors).

Or you could post back here with the Diagnostic Logs





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And now, mysteriously enough, the icon has re-appeared where it was before in the task bar system tray.

All I have done is maybe 3 routine shut down/ restarts over the last couple of days. So by all appearances, Malwarebytes is running OK again with all green buttons.  I was planning to get to the clean uninstall/reinstall after the weekend but now I think I'll hold off. Strange but if the problem re-occurs, I'll do that re-install and post back in this thread. Thanks for the help...so far so good :)

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