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By and large, almost all of the time MBAM has been the cream of the crop, the best of the bunch etc... but, the technical stability and robustness of the product for me has always been an anal-clenching adventure.. Yes, ever since it hosed Windows Backups in the early days! In addition, it is still quite beyond belief as to why it doesn't register with the Windows Security Center, hangs on scans with cancel and pause not registering, confusing end-user messages about 'updating the database et al.. Certainly not show stoppers or disasters but... indicative of a culture....


I appreciate that people who work in ivory towers and testing labs can't cover the myriad of disasters that occur, can occur and are waiting to occur in the trenches of 'the real world', but.... i really do think that aspects of this company could be better attended to for graduating 'top of the class' - if that's where you want to be.


Zlob vs. MBAM's RootKit Utility? Zlob wins! [still it's better than HitMan Pro which removes the Zlob and takes the user HD out at the same time!!]


However, this is all fine for me as I bill by the hour and support Software's idionsyncracies and imperfections - and there's lots to be found everywhere..


I see other techs. comments here and am in agreement. I can see who works in the trenches - and how long they've been at it.


There is some very valuable, sage, FREE [!!] and substantial advice here. Heed it!


thanks for reading my .10c


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