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System slows dramatically after Malwarebytes installed

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After installing Malwarebytes (premium) my PC goes from a 12-15 second boot up time (SSD), to a 3-5 minute boot up time.  Additionally attempting to open an programme or just open a window in the first 5 minutes will take ~1 minute to happen.

I've investigated various other programmes and performed a clean windows install and narrowed it down to Malwarebytes, if I uninstall it the system goes back to a 12-15 second boot up.

I run CCleaner to deal with temp files and to keep my registry in order, regularly scan and defrag my HD and generally perform all the "advice for slow running PCs" and it makes no difference as far as I can tell, as soon as Malwarebytes is installed my PC slows to a crawl.

Taskmanager indicates mbamservice.exe is the biggest memory hog on my system (60,000+ K), followed by MsMpEng (50,000+K), but as I indicated it takes  a minute to open, then a minute to switch tabs and a further minute to "show processes from all users" so it might have been higher before I can finally view it.


I've read the advice here and have attached "Checkresults.txt" "FRST.txt" and "Addition.txt" from mbam-check and FRST64.


Can anyone suggest how I can fix what's happening?




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Hello and :welcome::
The first thing to try is a clean upgrade to the most current version of the program. 

You might also want to try setting mutual exclusions between MBAM and your AV (MSE) -- the files that need to be excluded can be found HERE. (Sometimes slowdowns are not due to conflicts between MBAM and the AV, per se, but rather to older hardware, insufficient RAM, cluttered disks, excessively tight security settings, etc.)
If those suggestions don't resolve the issue, then please post back with a fresh set of diagnostic logs.


To summarize:

Thank You,

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