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Enough already with the broken popups!

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I'm so annoyed with this program now, it is really buggy since one of the recent updates.


As numerous other threads report, there are major issues with this stupid 'database is out of date' popup. You click 'update' and it does nothing but minimise the popup only for it to immediately return, you have to click on it constantly to prevent the pop up from staying on your screen - which in turn, prevents you from accessing anything in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.


Even loading the program up and clicking 'update' or 'fix now' does nothing. This app is seriously broken with major UX flaws. To simply go through the absolute hassle of the clean removal process and installing numerous other tools that produce various reports to post on here just shouldn't be necessary!


This happens on multiple computers with different OS versions etc etc and on both free and paid installs so it is clearly the program that is broken rather than an issue on the computer. We're just not prepared to faff about doing a clean removal on all computers where this issue occurs - I have even read threads where this hasn't even resolved the problem anyway.


As a result, we're uninstalling this on all systems and switching to another malware protection app as this is proving incredibly frustrating and annoying. It used to be really good until your software designers came along and screwed about with it all making it ten times worse.

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Hello and :welcome::


Sorry to read that you are having so many issues with so many different installations.


Your post suggests that this is a business/commercial/corporate entity.

As such, your Malwarebytes Business License entitles you to free, one-on-one help from the Business support team. 

They can be reached by opening a ticket at MBAM Business Support  They will be happy to assist you with sorting out your issues  and with getting Malwarebytes Anti-Malware up and running on your systems.


Thank You,

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Make sure any "Detected Threats" are dispositioned on the "Scan" page of the interface then check to see if you can update. Unresolved threats prevent database updates.


Incredible - that fixed the problem and allowed the program to update. Thanks very much Barry.


The poor UX of the program doesn't even alert you that there is any threats detected nor even provide a notice to explain that it can't update if there are threats that haven't been ignored/quarantined. How useless is that!


Cheers man :)

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