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BSOD Suggestions

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I've been reading numerous forums, but still have not found a common issue or idea to fix the related problem. I recently update MBAM and since then, approximately 5 minutes after Windows 7 loads, I receive the BSOD indicating mbam swissarmy has faulted. Computer begins the memory dump and restarts.


When I start Windows and disable MBAM, I have no issues. During each time (approximately 6 times initially), I was not doing a scan or update with the sofware. I completed a reinstall using MBAM clean, but still have the same issue. Computer is pretty new, custom built. From my understanding, MBAM Swiss Army is run when a scan is being completed, but I am not doing anything with MBAM at that time, just typically surfing the web or working on video editing.


Does anyone have suggestions or ideas? Before running through the hassle of running other software, I'd like to know if there is some general issue with the latest MBAM.

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Hello gus_19 and :welcome:

Let's start this way:

Please let us know, in a reply to this thread, if the above steps have helped you with your issue.

Thank You. :)

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The mbam clean exe did not work. Here are my logs as requested in your original post. Hope this is correct and I can be given some sort of direction from here. As for the clean reinstall, I completed everything as directed and yes, multiple restarts. Updated the database and proceeded with an initial scan. About 3/4's through the scan, the BSOD popped up. Another note, the mbam did not show up in my tray icon after final reboot and instead had to click on the executable, to run the program.





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Your system contains Adobe piracy hacks that make you ineligible for any further Malwarebytes assistance.


You may appeal this action to higher authority but a Moderator/Administrator is requested to immediately lock this topic.

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