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Just received brand new Techbench USB - with old version

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The USB Techbench received today has:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Portable)


The biggest problem with that is the latest consumer version does much better detection job.


Can you PLEASE update the drive to match the strenght of your installed version?


That will be great help, thanks.


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There are three basic components to an anti malware application.

* Kernel

* Engine



When an anti malware is installed on an Operating System (OS) it has to compete with any malware that may be in the OS or attempting to infect the OS.  This is where the AM/AV Engine and GUI interact.  When you boot off other media then there is no competition on the affected OS.  Therefore the GUI and Engine interaction plays less of a role and the Engine and Kernel of the AV/AM can scan, detect and remove malware unhindered by any malware installed on the affected platform.  If one has to use the term "strength", TechBench has greater strength with v1.75.x over v2.x that is installed through the computer as an application on said computer.  That's the whole reason why one boots from an alternate OS.  There is no malware in memory that is using self preservation techniques that can mask its presence or hinder its removal. 


I am sure that is some future date Malwarebytes may port v2.x code to TechBench but since that change in the GUI and Engine are less affected in their efficacy in this paradigm, it probably has a very low priority. 

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I don't mean to step on any toes here, but I wanted to add that there is more to it than just the Anti-Malware product that you are familiar with.  There is also integration that has to take place to make it work with Techbench, or with anything other than the Free/Premium consumer release.  That IS being worked on currently.

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Thank you Michael,


Here is my idea list for the update, to be a real all in one tool:


Full scope of detection, just like 2.0 with extra checkbox for PUP's and rootkits.

Added functionality of JRT to remove and cleanup after common pests (restore hijacked home pages for example)



What I like about Techbench is that you don't have to boot to another OS. And if you do, Techbench will not enumerate registry - only scan for infected files.

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