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How to continue getting free security updates for Windows XP until 2019


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silghtly off topic ...

from the site responses :

"It's not that big of a deal, who runs XP on thier main computer anyway ?, it would have to be pretty ancient, and who would build a computer just to stick XP on it, that said I have no problem with that fix on a couple of my older computers, experimentation is something thats not new to me, even on my main computers, thats the good thing about mirror imaging C:\ drives and having multiple partitions, XP is obsolete anyway so what is there to lose."


the author of this response is being rather presumptuous .

as for "ancient" ... i have a friend that has an XP machine that is all of 5 years old .

i also recall that ron recently built a brand-spanking-new comp and dropped XP in it .


as for the "registry hack" ... it is just that and done with the idea in mind to circumvent the measures put in place by microsoft .

i find this to be , in essence , no different than "bootlegging" a copy of any OS or software and circumventing the devices put in place to prevent "piracy" .

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LOL - I like this comment on the site:



How about just leaving it alone now Microsoft? You said you're not patching and supporting XP any more, so just walk away - why keep bringing up the fact you're not supporting it by continually commenting on it?



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Windows XP has a special place in my heart. All those il 2 sturmovik flight sims I played on it, but I would not use it on an older machine without at hardware firewall, something like a cheap barebone with hardened iptables and hosts file. In some countries, they cannot afford newer hardware to support the new Microsoft OS, but they can use lightweight distros :)

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