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I think I must be stupid I thought MBM was a virus checker - help !

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Help please - I have been running MB Pro for several years on my PC -and believed all this time it is a virus checker and remover - I thought it was there to keep viruses AND malware at bay by active scanning - BUT I think I have been wrong and I need some advice - on the general help in the forums it says to download MS Security Essentials a free virus scanner - so should I all this time have been running MBM and MS SE - I thought MB Pro covered the whole lot have I been wrong ? It looks like I may now have a virus - not malware (not sure of the difference) - MB finds no issues but if it doesn't look  for viruses but only malware then no wonder it cannot detect them . I know you all must think I am stupid as the name gives it away but I really assumed MB Pro did it all - can anyone help clear this up and recommend a good virus remover/active checker - any help or comments (no too rude on the stupid front) welcome !!



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Hi, chippypompom: :)


@pondus is correct -- MBAM is not and never was an AV: Does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware replace antivirus software?


There is no one ideal or optimal or perfect AV.

If there were, there would be only one brand on the market. ;)


Moreover, this forum is owned and operated by MBAM corporation for support of its products and customers.

The company has business relationships with many/most/all of the major AV vendors.

As such, it would not be "cool" to endorse one product over others.

And 100 computer users will offer at least 110 passionate opinions.


Our forum Root Admin has put together some basic information and resources, including links to other computer forums where "What's the Best AV" is discussed in great detail: List of well-known antivirus products.



MBAM is designed and tested to work alongside all of the major, popular AVs.

If you ever need help with getting your MBAM PREMIUM to work well with your AV, please just post back in the support section here.

Someone will be happy to assist you.



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