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Some Input On How The Next Major Version Should Be Designed

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Malwarebytes rather than deciding what the next version should do and will look like should present those questions to their users.


For example with regard to the design I would like to see Malwarebytes come up with about a half dozen different designs and also ask the regular posters here or other paid users to design what the next version should look like.   Select the best half dozen from the user's submitted designs.   Then post all 12 proposed designs on the website and let those with 100 or more posts vote   If one design gets at least 60% of the vote it will be declared the winner and that will be the new design.   If If not the top three will have a run off vote with the winner needing again needing 60% of the vote..  If none of the three has 60% than the top two go head to head in the final vote for the new design.


I would like to see something similar for new features, changed features and features for possible elimination.   A list could be culled by Malwarebytes by taknig the previous suggestions and complaints on the forum.   Submit the top dozen to the forum posters for a vote as chosen by members of the Malwarebytes team.which wouuld include how practical it was to program the suggestion/   The list of 12 is then voted on and then ranked by vote.   Malwarebytes then decides how difficult and long it will take to program those suggestions and determines a cut off of say the top six for the original RTM of the new version.  Those features are then incoropated into the new version.  Those left out of the new vesion would be incorporated in updates to that version again time and practicality notwithstanding.


Now granted this whole process could take a while but my guess is that in the end the majority of users would be satisfied with the new design and features more so than now and those that aren't had their vote.  Better luck in the next version.   In anycase Malwarebytes would wind up with a user designed program.   This should increase the popularity of MBAM even though the voting block will no doubt consist of a very small number of Malwarebytes total users.   Malwarebytes could advertise the voting and I think that would drive more people to the website   People that can't vote because they don't have the required number of posts could still PM the Mod who would take these votes into consideration in the final vote count.  If someone appears to be spamming in their PM the message could just be disregarded.


Let the users democratically decide what MBAM should look like and what features should be incorporated in it.



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Just because a user (or even 100 users, or even 1000 users) wants something does not mean it is the right thing to implement.


Do realize that though there have been a rash of complaints aginst the new user interface here and elsewhere, you rarely ever see anyone saying they actually like it - why?


Because the forums are for help, and expressing dissatisfaction, and complaining.  Rare do you see a user visit a forum when everything looks and works as they want it to.

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