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Just curious to know: does MBAM remember scan results?

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Out of curiousity: does MBAM remember/save previous scanresults?


Meaning, for example, if MBAM would scan my whole system, all drives, folders, etc.
does it then save the resuls (e.g. hash, or whatever) so when scanning again it skips as long as the previous scanned files haven't been changed.

Does it also skip files that are not dangerous, like .ini, .cfg, .txt, .csv and possibly even .pdf's or files that property tags like created by 'Administrator' computername: blabla.

Normally such files are not dangerous.





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I think you are asking about "disk caching"?

Yes, it does.

So, subsequent scans during the same Windows session will be a bit faster.


As for the other questions re: file types, heuristics, etc., I will defer to the staff and more expert members.

(The scanning engine technical details are proprietary, of course.)


FWIW please note that routine "full" scans of the entire system's drives are neither recommended nor necessary.

MBAM is designed to scan the OS boot drive in places live malware is likely to be.

Full system scanning (esp of mapped/NAS drives) is a task better suited to your anti-virus, is not likely to turn up anything beyond dead malware remnants, and could cause wear and tear on your drive.

It's not unreasonable to perform a "full" system scan once upon installation, but then it generally does not need to be performed often.

The THREAT scan is the scan type that ought to be performed routinely.


Hope this helps,

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