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Please give us an option to have the older GUI

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in my opionion the new GUI is horrible. The overall GUI reminds me of those fake Spyware / Malware GUI.  The notification is takes up too much space and I have to diable it which wasn't in the earlier version.


I understand that some like the new GUI.  That's fine, but for people like myself please add an option to run in classic view.


Seems like a great program always starts out great and then the company puts too much time and effort into fluffing up the GUI. Then it ends up a not so great when it starts eating resources.  Hopefully MB doesn't head in that direction.

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I think you are probably referring to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) version 2, not Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (MBAE) beta?

This is actually the MBAE support forum, so the mod team might move your post >>HERE<<. :)


Having said that, thanks very much for your feedback.

Yes, the UI/UX is a bit different and takes a bit of getting-used-to.

I can't speak for the staff or dev team, but I am confident they are considering all feedback (positive and negative) about the new UI.


In the interim, you might find some valuable information about it from the staff and experts in this very recent, very similar topic >>here<<.


Thanks again for your input,

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