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memory issues

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I am getting a low memory warning.

looked at my resource meter and malwarebytes number one i believe.

my info

using malwarebytes premium

windows 7

intel core 2 cpu 4300 1.80 ghz

4 gb ram

32 bit system


resource meter     / commit (KB)  / working kb   / shareable / private

mbamservice.exe  / 385,072    /  62420  /  4068  / 58352

mbam.exe    / 63632  / 64708 / 26388 / 38320

mbam schedular / 19112  / 8548  / 4396  / 4152


other resource issues were

w3dbsmgr.exe / 290880 / 12408 / 6672 / 5736

firefox  / 168364 / 184588 / 37356 / 147232



should malwarebytes be using this much?





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Yes.  My working set is ~85 MB and the virtual size is 600+ MB.


MBAM loads the database directly into memory when scanning, so that would probably account for the commit charge - that is not in use all the time, just when it is needed.  The working size is what is in daily use when it is running in the tray - that is about 60 MB.


The only way that 385 MB size might be of any consequence to you is if you are running a system with no pagefile - and if you are short on memory, then this is not something you should be doing in the first place.


For more on commit charge, read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commit_charge

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....And Firefox will take as much memory as the OS allows, when it can, to enhance performance.

Nothing abby-normal there, either, AFAIK. ;)

But if you think you might have a leak or otherwise excessive consumption, you can try the steps here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/firefox-uses-too-much-memory-ram?esab=a&s=firefox+memory+use&r=0&as=s


As for that DATABASE MANAGER process, I have no idea.

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