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MBAM Premium Slows Browers.

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Hi all


I have been using MBAM Pro without an issue. The other day it says a new version is available and do I want to install it. I select yes and it does its thing. Now my Pro version has switched to Premium and my browser hardly works at all. I'm using IE9 with Startpage as my homepage. Since the 'upgrade' I can hardly use the internet if MBAM is running. If I close it, my browser speed returns instantly.

I never had this problem with Pro and really couldn't even tell it was running, since it did nothing to hinder the performance of my system. But Premium just isn't working well for me at all.


My system is:

Core2Duo at 3.75GHz

16GB ram

Windows Vista Ulimate x64 SP2

Windows Firewall

Windows Defender

No Anti-virus software installed

Cable internet, wired connection.

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Hello and :welcome:

Thank You

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Thanks for the update, Butch.  Since today is Memorial Day in the US, please hang on for just a while until one of the other expert scan scan through your files to ascertain what hte problem might be, or if you need assistance in malware removal (which is a possibility).


FWIW, Premium is the new name of Pro, but the feature-set that is added with premium is pretty much the same as was added with Pro in version 1.75.


@ffwfire The name was changed more than anything.  However, MBAM itself went a major overhaul, but in the scanning technologies as well as the GUI.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I was unable to get Premium working properly. If it is running, my browser is slow. Disable Premium and instantly my browser is quick and snappy.

I uninstalled Premium using the Clean removal tool, ran CCleaner.

I then reinstalled Pro and it works flawlessly. Quick snappy browser, nothing slow about it. Running in the background fulltime and wouldn't even know it, if not for the icon in the taskbar.


I don't have Pro 1.75 and I am not going to try to update my version to 1.75 because I fear it will only update to Premium which of course it working well for me. If I could get 1.75, I would try it to see if it slows the browser the same as Premium does. Can you supply a link to Pro 1.75 update?

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  • Root Admin

If you like you can contact the Consumer Support and open a ticket or we can scan your system for possible infection or other issues that might be blocking MBAM.


I would suggest following the advice from the topic here Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers and having one of the Experts assist you with looking into your issue.


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