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An Observation when Updating to 2.0.2

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Product  :  MBAM  v 2.0.2.xxxx


When updating to v 2.0.2 the following observation may or may not be relevant on some systems.


At the conclusion of the update the last message box prompts the User to Restart (click Finish) to complete the update process.  However, if you observe the Process(es) in Task Manager you will note that there is quite a lot of activity involving the MBAM processes and possibly also svchost process(es) after the Restart prompt-box is displayed.  (This activity typically continues for only a few minutes and the time taken would almost certainly be dependent upon the relative speed of system components - RAM, HDD..... etc.)


In certain circumstances it may be beneficial to be a little patient before Restarting while observing the Process(es) in Task Manager and waiting until System Idle returns to 99%.  This will ensure that all update tasks have completed correctly.


Normally one would expect any processes to complete even after one has initiated a Restart.  However, in most computing environments things seldom work "as expected".,,,,  :huh:




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Funny you should mention that.

Over the years, as a self-taught home user, I've learned to do just that with nearly all software updates (including Windows Updates).

While I don't often formally check the WTM for activity (good idea!), I do tend to click "restart later" (or the equivalent), wait at least several seconds or so, and then manually restart from the Win7 start orb (or at least waiting several seconds before clicking "OK" or "restart now").

A bit of patience can be a virtue.


On older, less robust hardware, doing so seemed to minimize minor issues, such as "waiting for background program to close" and other errors, corruption, etc.

It's probably less critical these days, with today's newer computers.

But I still do it.


Having said that, I will defer to the MBAM team as to whether such a practice is "necessary" or "recommended" specifically for MBAM 2.0 installs/upgrades.



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